Last year FLMS sponsored its first Teacher Mini-Grant Program. Through this program, every middle school teacher was able to apply for a grant in the amount of $50 to purchase items not covered by the school’s budget. FLMS awarded up to $1,252 in grant money for the following items:

Ms. Stapel requested books for her classroom library to promote independent reading.

Breakout EDU Kits
The following group of teachers pooled their request for funds in order to get Breakout EDU Kits: Ms. Bugbee, Mr. Covert, Ms. Duprey, Mr. Everett, Ms. Ferdella, Ms. McGovern, Ms. Leveillee, Mr. Lijoi, Ms. Martin, Mr. Leahy, and Ms. Minton. Breakout EDU kits are used to create curriculum-based games that enhance collaboration and critical thinking among students.

Document Cameras
Mr. Alesbrook, Ms. Boratyn, and Ms. Neely requested document cameras to project paper-based and tangible objects including exemplary student work to guide discussion about learning objectives.

Classroom Supplies (not provided in the budget)
Ms. Gallant-Smith requested markers, electric pencil sharpeners, and a specialty cardstock starter kit, and Ms. Freeman requested Crayola markers to be used by students when completing social studies projects, such as posters, coats of arms, ancient civilization writings, and much more.

Film Making
Mr. DePace requested plumbing supplies and green material to build a green screen that can be drawn across the back wall of the library like a huge shower curtain.

Parking for a Music Competition
Ms. Looney requested funds to pay for parking at the Music in the Parks competition.

Periodic Table Posters
Mr. Socha requested periodic table charts that show the relationship between the elements in chemistry and how they are used in biology.

Safety Gloves
Ms. Wright requested safety gloves to be used when doing science labs.

STEM Design Challenge
Ms.Collins requested a STEM Design Challenge in which students build a simple motor with only three components: a battery, a piece of copper wire, and a magnet.

Yoga Balls
Ms. Bokis requested yoga balls. Studies have shown that students with attentional issues benefit greatly from sitting on a yoga ball to complete work. It also helps to develop increased balance and core strength.