The annual Magazine and Cookie Dough Fundraiser has ended!

The annual fundraiser was a huge success. Despite a delay, cookie dough was finally delivered, and students received their prizes, including being able to attend a fun magic show. Great job to all the students and their families who took part in this important event. Fundraiser results are below.

2017018 Fundraiser Results

The annual fundraiser, sponsored by Friends of LMS, was a huge success. Through student sales, the group was able to contribute $9,000 to the school for this years’ field trip scholarships. Eighth graders who sold magazines and cookie dough earned $2,600 to offset the cost of their trip to Washington D.C. Students also earned Tuition Reward Points (see the right column). Here are the details:

  • Gross earnings this year were $27,000 as compared to last year at $21,000.
  • Net Profit this year was $12,211 (44% profit margin).
  • The alternative method of funding, making contributions rather than purchasing goods, brought in $1,100.
  • Up to $2,614 went to 8th graders who sold magazines and cookie dough (25% of sales) to offset the cost of their individual trip to Washington D.C.
  • The average student participation was 46%, up from 37% last year. Here’s the breakdown:
6th Grade 46%
7th Grade 48%
8th Grade 43%
  • The top six sellers were:
Saksa, Anthony (7)     $853.00
Conley, Jaelyn (6)       $561.00 
Altman, Jacob (6)       $545.50 
Fadden, Rian (8)        $484.00 
Rivas, Destiny (6)       $476.00 
Muturi, Justin (8)        $453.00
  • The favorite cookies were Ultimate Chocolate Chip (#1 by far) and Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel. The most popular magazines were Cooking Light and Time.
  • The Magic Show made an impact on sales. Students had to sell at least one item in order to attend the show. 

Did you know that your child can earn college tuition rewards simply by participating in the LMS annual fundraiser? By selling magazines and cookie dough, students can earn Tuition Reward Points: $100 in sales earns 1,000 points; $250 in sales earns 2,500 points. Click HERE for the Tuition Rewards site.

Over 360 private colleges and universities across America participate in this exciting program. In Massachusetts alone, there are 13 participating schools, including Clark University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).

Here’s how the program works:
  • Students reach either the $100 or $250 sales level in their fundraising efforts.
  • Great American provides a “Rewards Certificate” to be given to the parent, providing an authorization code based on sales level achieved.
  • Parents register their students at the Tuition Rewards website, and enter their authorization code, allowing points to be added to their account.
  • Students redeem their points as they are ultimately accepted - then attend their chosen college or university.
This year, LMS students earned $145,000 Tuition Rewards Points as compared to $112,000 in 2016. This is a great incentive to get your child involved!