Leicester Primary & Memorial 
Family Handbook

A Message from the Principals

Dear Primary and Memorial School Families, 

Welcome to the Primary and Memorial School communities! We take pride in our connections to students as well as their families while providing an excellent education for all of our children. We are pleased to provide you with this handbook, a vital communication link between school and home. Enclosed you will find explicit policies and procedures in detail throughout and we request that you share these with your children as we start our new year together. Be sure to keep a copy of the handbook handy and use it as a reference for all your unanswered questions. 

It is our experience that children are most likely to succeed when there is a strong partnership between home and school. The partnership is formed through open communication and cooperation. We look forward to working with you in support of the students we share; we will strive to challenge them, and help them meet academic and social goals. To help broaden our community outreach we are working diligently to ensure that there are smooth transitions from Primary School to Memorial School. Our goal is to make all transitions in your child's life less stressful and filled with excitement as we move forward. 

We are delighted that you are part of our community and wish you and your child a happy and successful educational experience this school year. 

Emily Soltysik Principal, Leicester Primary School 
Tina Boss Principal, Leicester Memorial School 

Mission/Core Values and Beliefs

Challenging students to develop skills, knowledge, and character to become contributing citizens of our community

Recognized by the community as its greatest asset, the Leicester Schools engage every child in rigorous and student­centered learning in a safe and technology­rich environment 

● All students can learn in different ways, in different settings, at different rates, for different futures 
● We must provide a safe and caring environment that promotes 21st Century learning that is rigorous, future­focused, and engaging 
● Positive relationships among parents, community, and schools promote shared responsibility for student success 
● Teachers who are models of continuous learning and improvement inspire, motivate, and empower children 
● Our schools are vital to the growth and success of the community