Welcome to the Inspired Learning Science/Social Studies Cohort.  The goal of this workshop is to help you transform your approach to classroom pedagogy by creating a 21st century learning environment of cohort and mentor teachers; to expose you to a variety of instructional and technical tools that you can use to accomplish this change.  
Class Logistics
Assignments: check the Assignments page

Sharing: All assignments will be shared with your cohort group and mentor teachers.  These two groups will be a place for you to bounce off ideas and see other teachers successes and struggles.

Class Stipend / Recertification Credit: $750.00 OR 2.5 LPS recertification credits  (at conclusion of cohort) 

Class Commitment:
  • Attendance at the May 24th, 25th and August 9th training sessions
  • Three 1/2 day sessions throughout the 2012-13 school on Saturdays (September 15, November 10, February 23))
  • Create and Use a homebase with your students
  • Maintain a Teacher Portfolio to showcase your growth
  • Maintain a blog to post reflections and goal setting
  • Class Visits to Mentor Teachers ( principal approval )
  • Participate in two collaborative experiences with your students ( Dana and Randy along with Mentor Teachers can coordinate opportunities for this throughout the year )
  • Present at the Inspired Learning Conference April 27th 2013
  • CoTeaching with Dana or Randy