Audio Tools
Recording your Brainstorm

Voice TypingDirections
Google Docs Speech to Text
Tools Menu - Select Voice Typing 
Online Voice RecorderDirections
Records 7 minutes
On a chromebooks save straight to Google Drive

Visual Tools
Webcam pic of your Graphic Organizer Snapshot Directions
Some students may feel more comfortable creating their graphic organizer on paper.  Not a problem, technology should be inclusive of learning styles..  Once the student is done with their graphic organizer on paper, have the student click Insert-Image in their google doc and select SnapShot to capture their organizer in their google doc.  This allows for students to have all the parts of their writing piece in one location.  In addition, it supports collaborative work done in class on paper so that all artifacts are saved as images and shared with everyone in the group.

Webcam Graphic Organizer Pic

Padlet  - How To Video
Build a Wall to: generate topics to write about, starter sentences, small moments, interesting adjectives.... Include images, links, video to better describe/explain what you added to the community wall. Use this tool for any or all the parts of the writing process to capture your notes and/or media. Use it to show sequence of events in a story (first, second, third...). Try it as a whole class "Word of Day using it in a sentence". This tool like many others allows everyone to see and comment on each other as a community. Students can make their own walls or you can make community/classroom walls (can be Private or Public).

Answer Garden - Directions
Online Brainstorming on your own, small group or the entire class

Additional Resources
- Read Write Think Interactives ( does not save must be done in one sitting )
- Text to Mind Map (Outline your Text)

Getting Started with Video Instruction
Learn Zillion Videos
- Common Core K-12 Writing Lessons (Videos)
Click a grade and lesson
- Khan Academy

Printable Graphic Organizers:
If students don't have access to technology during pre-writing
- Holt Organizers
- EduPlace

Do you know who you are as a learner?
Visual Tools
Graphic Organizers

How to create your own Embedded Drawing in a Google Doc
ADDITIONAL Graphic Organizers
Must be logged into a Google Account  to "Make a  Copy" of these graphic organizers.
Triple Venn Diagram Rectangle Venn Diagram Quadrants 
 Cyclical MapTwo Cluster Map Cluster/Bubble Map (6) Cluster/Bubble Map (10) 
 Circle Map Tree Map Bridge Map Brace Map
Multi-Flow Map Multi-Flow Map Flow Map Fishbone
KWL ChartStory Star Story Worm
TimelineTimeline 6 events

Descriptive Map
 Descriptive Map
 Informational Writing w/rubric