Evaluating Sources

This activity exposes students to terms and criteria used to assess source credibility and accuracy; identify low credibility sources by noticing vested interest; identifying purpose or agenda; consider alternative perspectives; to gather relevant information using search terms effectively;
Other Resources:

Examples of websites with inaccurate information:
Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
All About Explorers
Many More

Web Source Accuracy
This activity guides students through the process of using multiple sources to verify source accuracy.

Using Images/Music...
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Website Evaluation
What website links to this page?    type in: link:website name
Who is?
Common Sense Media

Evaluating Writing Pieces

Rubric at the bottom of a Google Doc ex 1, ex 2 )
Use a Google Doc from a teacher that has the rubric (writing expectations) on the bottom of the document. Remember that as you type, the Rubric will continue to move down the page.  Having the rubric at the bottom of a Google Document allows you as the student to easily refer to the writing goals throughout the process.  In addition you can't lose it  :-).  Your teacher can also evaluate your writing piece throughout the process, so you can see how your editing moves you up the rubric scale. 

Theme Spark - link
Standards based rubric creation

Orange Slice to grade writingAdd On
Use Orange Slice to increase teacher grading productivity and eliminate repetitive clicks.  More time is created for the teacher to provide the needed constructive feedback their students need for success. 

Google Forms (for feedback)
Writing/producing for an audience larger than the classroom can be exciting. Feedback from others even students we don't know can be valuable.
This elementary form was used to collect feedback for students about their Colorado Geography. The videos are shared only with the class but you can see their feedback forms (Grows and Glows) at the bottom of each video that all students gave feedback on.

Comments in a Google Docs 
How To Videos
Comments from a teacher or peer are a great way to give feedback throughout the entire writing process.  Comments are specific and corrective.  Marzano includes feedback as one of the 9 Instructional Strategies for Effective Teaching and Learning.
Suggestions for Peer Feedback
Question Flooding by Kelly Gallagher

Audio Feedback 
Move Note Now you can make and send a video presentation directly from your Gmail.

Other Evaluation Resources
Rubistar - Create a rubric