Are Good people capable of evil? Can people with dark  histories be true heroes?
    My name is Easton G and this site is for my English class. I am a sophmore in high school and like sports. I picked this question because I wanted to know if bad people could be good or good people could be bad. I have no connections with this question but it just interested me in how this works. Like in movies where at the end they end up destroying another bad guy or what they have made to cause harm to others.
I wondered if ex convicts could really do good things for the world or if great people could really be bad.
When you hear of some one that has done something bad you don't hear the whole story. It is the same with good people. I wondered if some people did bad things to get to the position they are in, where everyone knows them and thinks they are good. There is a little bad in good people and bad in good people. Different people show more bad or more good classifying them as a good or bad person.

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