Reading Boot Camp

    The film The Dark Night, the song “Love the Way You Lie”, and the book The Hunger Games are all good examples of how it is fair to be untruthful in the instance of protecting someone from the truth. Being untruthful can be fair in the instance of protecting someone from the truth when it could do more bad than good if they knew it. A great example of this is in the newest batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises”. Police commissioner Gordon knows the truth of what happened to Harvey Dent, but he tells the city that Batman killed him to protect the overall well being of the city. Another example of being untruthful in a fair way is when it is to help comfort somebody you love. In "The Hunger Games" Katniss Everdeen lies to her younger sister when she is scared that she might be chosen to compete in the hunger games. Katniss tells her it will be ok and the odds of that happening are very slim. Katniss knows it is a good possibility and still comforts her sister with her soothing words.  Finally in the song "Love the Way you Lie" she describes how lying to protect someone can also be hurtful to the person who doesnt know the truth. However they do not know that they are being protected from something bigger like when Eminem says " I can't tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like...". He is protecting who he loves with lies to benefit them in the long run.