Dear Washington State, Please Get A New Flag.

So I was thinking, what if you got a new flag? You current flag breaks all five rules of the good flag/bad flag panflit and needs to be fixed. Washington has a nature of this:Image result for washington state nature,
A culture of it own:Image result for Seattle,
It has a flag that looks like this:Flag of Washington[15] (August 25, 1923)
Now I used all of my knowledge of the state and I thing I got a good result.

         My Flag           Current Flag
 Flag of Washington[15] (August 25, 1923)
So, what does it mean? The proportions are 1:2 (1 by 2.) The silver stripe is for the Seattle Space Needle. The red is for the high cherry growth. The green is for nature and the color on the old flag. And the blue is for it's unique culture.