History Bowl is an academic buzzer competition (like the middle school Brain Bowl) with subjects from the Wild West, to NFL history, to even ancient Babylonia and everything in between.  

Brett Swedlund and Tim Hamer currently run History Bowl. 

Two students, Sanat Mehta and Matthew Yohannes, participated in the competition as freshmen in 2014 and decided to make it a school club.  They were the co-captains until their graduation in 2017.  We have participated in the regional competition every year since then.  In 2015, three of us attended nationals in Washington, DC.

The current co-captains are Tim Hamer and Brett Swedlund.

The purpose of this club is to prepare for and then participate in the History Bee, the History Bowl, the Geography Olympiad, and the US History Bee.  These four competitions are all held on a Saturday in February at Fort Collins High School (so the four parts are really just different events in the same competition). 

The History Bowl is the biggest and most exciting of the four events, hence the club name.

If you are interested, please fill out this Google Form