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Upcoming Events

  • February 27 - 6:30pm - Meeting with LPS Superintendent Brian Ewert regarding start time changes and PLCs

    Please join us in the gym for a very important presentation by LPS Superintendent Brian Ewert.  Superintendent Ewert will be discussing a proposal to change the current structure of PLC days and possible changes to the Wilder Elementary school day times.

     One model being considered looks like this:

  • High schools and middle schools may start about an hour later every day.

  • Elementary schools may start about an hour earlier every day.

  • PLC days once per week with either a late start or an early release.

Read more and see current survey results regarding these changes at: http://littletonpublicschools.net/district/improving-plcs-emerging-idea

Please attend this meeting to learn more about these proposals, to ask questions, and to share feedback.  After meeting with Brian, you can take the survey in the bottom left corner of the web page (link above).  It is available through the first part of March, 2017 and results are updated frequently.  Your feedback is important!