Everyday Fundraising

Everyday fundraising is a simple way for our families, friends and relatives to help raise funds for Twain. More importantly, these efforts require no additional costs than what they already spend on everyday shopping and dining!

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Chairs

Susan Perry, Jillian Troupe & Amy Gamber

Twain on the Town

Jessica Heimer

Streets of Southglenn - Street Smarts

Judilynn Dreiling and Beth Simmons

Box Tops

Beth Simmons

King Sooper Re-Loadable Gift Cards

Jillian Troupe

Celebration Bulletin Board

Christina Un, Jillian Troupe & Amy Gamber

Save Box Top coupons outlined with the pink dotted line and Bonus Box Top certificates from the General Mills family of products. Download the flier here.

Benefit: Twain earns 10¢ per label, up to $20,000 per year.

King Soopers Community Rewards Program

Kings Soopers have changed their reward program for non-profits. Instead of having to load a gift card for 5% back to Twain, we only need our own personal King Sooper card number or use our alternate ID number with our purchases!

Step One:

Go to www.kingscoopers.com/communityrewards and click on “Enroll Now”. On the sign in page, enter your email address and password for your account. Don’t have an account? Don’t worry, click “New to King Soopers, create an account” (all you need is to provide your email address, phone number and your loyalty card number).

Step Two:

Once you are signed in, select “My Account” from the drop down menu. Then select “Community Rewards” from the left hand side under “Account Summary”.

Step Three:

To find Twain, just enter HF673 in the search box and click the blue “Enroll” button in the Mark Twain Elementary box. You will be taken to a page that says you are successfully enrolled to donate to Twain.

That’s it! Now EVERY time you enter your alternate ID number at the register or you scan your loyalty card, Twain will reap the benefits! Thank you for supporting our Tigers!

Benefit: Twain earns 5% of all reloaded dollars.

StreetSmarts at Streets of Southglenn

Help Twain win $250 to $2,500! Shop or dine at The Streets at Southglenn August 15, 2018 through April 15, 2019.

  1. Support Twain by logging receipts at The Streets at Southglenn Guest Services desk, dropping off receipts at school in the receipt collection box in the main office or submitting a receipt emailed to you by a retailer online.
  2. View the Street Smarts flyer for details about the program, including special bonus point offers.
  3. Visit www.shoppingpartnership.com/southglenn updates and to see how our school is doing in the competition!
  4. Sign up for Street Smart email reminders and receive bonus offers here.

Benefit: Twain earns $250 to $2,500.

Twain On The Town

These are family events that help build community and provide an opportunity to raise funds for our school. We hope you'll join us and get to know the wonderful families at Twain!

Benefit: Twain gets a percentage of proceeds AND the kiddos enjoy a night on the town with their friends.

Rent the Celebration Bulletin Board to help your student celebrate their special day, a big win or a half birthday. The cost is $20 a day. You decorate a normal sized poster board and hang it up in the am on the special day. Reserve. your date here.

Benefit: Twain gets 100% of proceeds.

You can buy and reload gift cards to over 600 places nation wide via Scrips website. Sign up online with code: F973A57L13256 and be sure to add the student’s name, teacher and grade. For details reach out to Christina Un at xina.lee@gmail.com or see the complete guide here.

Benefit: Twain earns up to 14% depending upon the gift card purchased.


Amazon Smile

  1. Go to https://smile.amazon.com
  2. Log into your Amazon account like normal
  3. Select the charitable organization by typing in Mark Twain Elementary PTO
  4. Select Littleton Public Schools Parent Teacher Organization
  5. Shop Away!

Benefit: AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5%