2020 Science Fair

Science Fair Rules

  1. All science projects must be completed at home.
  2. Students may complete a project individually, family or with a partner. No more than 2 students may work together.
  3. The project is entered at student's own risk and Centennial Academy, its staff, parents, and other students are not responsible for loss or damage to the project or any parts.
  4. The project must answer a question and follow the Scientific Method.
  5. The project must be presented on a tri-fold cardboard display board. (These can be purchased at local stores or a few will be available for purchase at Centennial.)
  6. The project must be at school on Friday, March 20 by 7:30 AM to be set up for the school-wide Science Fair.
  7. If water/liquid is used in the experiment, there must be a tray to contain the liquid.
  8. During the Science Fair, each student will explain his/her project and should be prepared to answer questions about the experiment.
  9. The project must be removed by 3:30 PM on Friday, May 20 or it will be disposed of.

The following are UNACCEPTABLE Science Fair projects at Centennial Academy, and will not be allowed:

  • Taste tests or surveys that ask for opinions/preferences
  • Anything that does not have a Question/Problem, Hypothesis and follow the steps of the Scientific Method
  • Any experiment that involves animal or insect testing or cruelty
  • Volcano or Mentos Demonstrations (NONE WILL BE ALLOWED)

Science Fair Forms

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