Welcome to 6th Grade on Summit Peak!

Summit Peak 2017-18 Year

News for Parents

9/12/17:  Please remind 6th graders of the importance of having their Chromebook charged everyday.  All 6th graders should also be in the habit of bring earphones or earbuds to school EVERYDAY.  

8/31/17: Back to School Night info:

8/25/17: Our lunch is at 10:20, so we've built in a quick snack time at 12:26, just after electives. Please help your child remember to pack a snack. Our classrooms are nut free.

8/11/17: Welcome to Euclid! We hope you had a great summer. Your Summit Peak teachers are so excited to meet you. On the first day of school, please bring your school supplies, lunch, a water bottle and a snack. You will bring your supplies into the classroom. Please don't unpack your supplies or set up your binders. We will collect some of the supplies for classroom use and help you set up your binders and other materials.