Littleton Academy STEM - more than you think!


 STEM-- Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

We have a strong STEM competitive component here at Littleton Academy. Students, if so inclined, can join teams for Robotics, Brain Bowl, Math counts, Technology Student Association (TSA), Sea Perch (underwater robotics), e-cybermission (online national science competition), and NREL Solar sprint/Lithium Ion battery car competition.

Signing up for these teams comes mainly through electives but can be influenced by science, math and English teachers. Students who compete must adhere to the competition guidelines of scholarship and behavior (No D's or F's and no major infractions).

Current Events

School Year 2017-18
It is about time to start thinking about robotics!  We will be competing in the VEX IQ robotics competition. Here is a link to check out the game:

We have already purchased the pieces to build a practice field and that is probably our first "order of business".  Competition events are just now getting posted on the website

We meet on Mondays after school in the science room (if we don't have school on a Monday due to holiday we won't have a club meeting that week). Since dismissal bell is now at 3:20, we will begin as soon as the dismissal bell rings and we will end at 4:10!  Be prompt and be ready to work. Our first club meeting will be August 28th and we will  meet through the first two quarters for sure and maybe even into the third quarter if we do well and are invited to the state competition in February. Due for the club will be $20 and that should cover our costs for robot supplies and entrance fees for our teams to compete.

For now, check out the game website and become familiar with the tasks your robot needs to accomplish and how scoring works. You will need to build a robot that does the job the best! Bring your engineering and design ideas to our first meeting August 28th.

School Year 2016-17
NEW!! The VEX robotics Club for grades 6-8 will start October 31. We will meet Monday afternoons from 3:45-4:30. Students must sign up to be on the competitive team and pay $35 for supplies. See this link for more information about VEX IQ Challenge.

TSA team will begin 2nd and 3rd quarter. See file links below for details on the 2017 State competition in February 23-25, 2017.

School Year 2015-16
Our team is now set for the Winter Season. WE are busy with engineering design. We are excited to announce two BIG things
1) Inspire Orthodontics has generously agreed to sponsor our team this year!
2) LASA and the LPS foundation are teaming up to purchase our new 3-D Printer! 
Good things happening!

School Year 2014-15

SeaPerch:  This year, four of our brilliant students participated in the SeaPerch event February 7, 2015.  SeaPerch is an underwater robotics competition sponsored by the US Navy.  Teams compete with speed and agility to solve underwater real world problems.  Congratulations to Emily, Dhruv, Saif, and Constance.  The four of them came in ninth out of forty teams in this statewide event and all of them have never participated in this competition before!  Congrats!  Go Gators!

Mathcounts:  Please join me in celebrating this year's MATHCOUNTS participants. 7th graders Nithya, Jay, Ayurv, Naman and Jason and 6th graders Miu, Radhika and Zoe represented Littleton Academy on Saturday, February 7 at the Metro Chapter competition. Our amazing young team ranked in the top half of the 31 participating school, and 7th grader Jay will advance to the state competition on March 21. In addition to congratulating these incredible mathletes, I would like to thank LA graduate Wes Donnell for coaching and inspiring our students. Wes has volunteered on over a dozen Friday afternoons to share his expertise and encourage his younger peers. 


STEM at Littleton Academy

All students in grades K-8 have technology and science classes that are hands-on and content rich.  From simple machines in 2nd grade to rocketry in 8th, students learn the processes of engineering, design development, prototyping, scientific inquiry and research based writing.

Sea Perch Underwater Robotics - 1st Place in our first year of competition
NREL Solar Sprint and Lithium Ion Car - Top four finishes for all three of our cars and top design award
E-cybermission - Teams have won state honors every year they have submitted an online portfolio.  This means cash for each student on the team!

TSA (Technology Student Association) - All the middle school students at L.A. are registered in TSA and can choose to compete.  We send teams to the national competition and have great success in this multi-event competition.
Way to go Gators launching our catapult at the 2016 Nationals in Tennessee!!

Kathryn McEntire,
Oct 27, 2016, 3:59 PM