Before and After School Care

Registration must be completed before children can attend.
Email for registration 
information: or call 303-347-4695

Registration For the 2017/18 School Year:

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: In order for your 1st through 5th grade child to attend the program during the first 2 days of school (Thursday August 17th and Friday August 18th) your child MUST be registered by Friday August 12th.  Families who register AFTER the 12th your first day will be Monday, August 22nd. 

KINDERGARTEN:  First day of school/SACC is Monday, August 21, 2017.  

For the current school year 2017/18:  Email me for registration information:
Full time schedule: Both Before and After school, Monday through Friday. Includes all in-service, late start, and early dismissal days. Because your full time status holds a space for your child, you must contact us in advance if you do not need a PLC, early dismissal, or in-service day, and we will credit your account.
Tuition and Registration Fees:
Fall: $25 per family
Full time: $19 per day (includes PLC's and Early Dismissals)
In-service for full time families is $35 per day

Part time schedule:  Any combination of mornings and/or afternoons.  
Part time Contracted mornings are $10 
Part time Contracted afternoons are $11

Wednesday PLC's and Friday early dismissal's are included in the price if your child already attends those mornings or afternoons. 

You must register for any non-student (In-service Days) as they arise.

Calendar schedule: allows you to submit a weekly or monthly schedule that you will need for your child during that particular time period. Calendar schedules do not receive credits for days of non-attendance because you have the advantage of choosing only the days you need on a weekly or monthly basis.

Part time or calendar: Before school only $11 per day
After school only $12 per day
In-service $36.00 per day
PLC time only is $5.50 (for 8:46 - 9:46)
Early Dismissal time only is $11 (from release time until 3:45)

Beginning in the 2017/18 school year:  We will add a drop in fee of $3 for children who are added to our list the day of care needed or without prior notification.  


Sandburg SACC now accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover!

Please stop in our classroom for more details or to pay your tuition by credit card!