Welcome to the Ralph Moody PTO Page! Check in often for news and updates! Please bare with us as we are currently making changes to this website in order to deliver better and more accurate information to you in a more timely manner. Thank you for your patience.

Our Mission Statement

Enjoy Learning,
Embrace Community,
Engage Parents,
Encourage Teachers

Have you taken photos during any events this year??? If so, please send them to the ralphmoodypto@gmail.com email for use in this year's yearbook. 

We especially need photos from Back to School, the Color Run, Halloween and recent school performances. Thank you!!

Thank you to everyone that has sent photos already, we couldn't do this without you! I am going to try to use everyone's photos if I can, if you don't see a pic that you sent to me in the yearbook, it's likely that the size of the image was just too small to print properly- I've had quite a few that just were not large enough to use. Thank you so much for sending them, and I apologize if your pics don't end up being used.

YEARBOOK ORDER FORMS - You should have received your yearbook order form.  If you have snapped pictures of any of the school events this year, and want to see them in the yearbook, please submit your images to Christy at Christinanix@hotmail.comW

CALLING ALL 5th GRADE PARENTS AND FAMILIES - We are offering our 5th grade parents the opportunity to include a special message for your student as they get ready to move on from elementary school!  The flyer to request and order a special message will be coming home this week.  Get a sneak peek by clicking HERE.  Don't miss this opportunity to wish your 5th grader well!  

Please be sure to pay your PTO fees, it's a small amount, but it makes a big difference- the fees help fund classroom grants, school parties, and much more! The form will go home with your kids. These fees are not the same as the school fees collected at the beginning of the year. If you paid your school fees, you need to pay the PTO fees separately.

Fees are just $15 per student. You can send a check to the school made out to Ralph Moody PTO, or you can click the PayPal link on the top right of this page and pay them online. Be sure to specify your student's name and teacher so we can mark them as paid.


Our next meeting will be WEDNESDAY, November 14, in the evening at 6:30 pm, in the school cafeteria. We hope you can join us! 

Please join us for a chance to learn more about what's happening at the school, and how you might be able to help, even in a very small way! Speak to a board member if you're interested in learning more about ways you can help!

All Meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of the month (unless otherwise specified), in the cafeteria. 

All teachers will be invited to attend one meeting. 
"Teacher Guests of Honor" will be posted on PTO Corner.

Topics are subject to change-  Please check your weekly emails for the most current information.

Questions? Want to get involved?  
Contact your Ralph Moody PTO at ralphmoodypto@gmail.com

To see the current budgets for this year (under construction please bare with us) 
please click here!


PTO POSITIONS - If you are interested in joining the PTO as a Board member, please consider attending a PTO meeting or reaching out to a current board member or please email ralphmoodypto@gmail.com for more information on specific roles and positions. 

We need your help this year! If you have some time to spare, please consider helping with the PTO. Any help is appreciated, no matter how small the time commitment.

It takes all of us, working as a team, each person donating just a little bit of their spare time, to keep the PTO running and supporting our school in a significant way! 

The PTO helps the teachers, we also plan and organize all of the parties our kids love to attend at the school, and we help to subsidize a large portion of a full time teacher's salary each year. If you are wanting to help, even in a small way, we'd love to hear from you! Not only do you get to help out, but you can have some fun and make some great friends along the way!

Upcoming Special Events/ 
Fundraising Opportunities

Learn about what you can donate for the Terracycle program HERE - your trash can make money for our school all year long!


Are you finding yourself purchasing a store bought pies and passing them off as your own because you have spent enough time in the kitchen as it is? Well let the Ralph Moody PTO help you out this holiday season. We are offering home made pies to order from our PTO members and volunteer parents in our community. We will have order forms available soon so keep on the look out for future posts.

Please stay tuned for the Parent/Son Event as we are making the final decisions on the correct event for our son's. As we are a fairly new board we are handling many things in stride and organizing better for the future. Thank you for your patience.

We are gearing up for the Spring 2019 Fundraiser and would love to have donations to further our items to have for auction, currently we have a few great items but as always excited for more. This is a big fundraiser for our school and we are hoping for a large turn out this year then in previous years. Thank you ahead of time for all of your efforts in helping us with this very important event.

ENRICHMENT CLUBS AND UPCOMING EVENTS - Please check out the Thursday folder if you haven't already done so - there are some great opportunities for students to participate in enrichment clubs before and after school.  Please visit http://littletonpublicschools.net/schools/ralph-moody/nr/thursday-folder to check out the latest news from school.  

KING SOOPERS AND SAFEWAY CARDS - Don't forget!  Reload your King Sooper and Safeway gift cards.  Help us earn 5% of all money loaded onto cards.  If you have previously emailed the PTO for a card and have still not received one, please resend your information to RalphMoodyPTO@gmail.com  We have new cards and are ready to get them into circulation! 

Click HERE for more details or email FundMoody@gmail.com with any questions.

  MAKE                   PAYMENTS 

  Use this link to make donations     to the PTO, or pay PTO party       fees. Just be sure to be        
  specific about who you are,
  who your student is, and why
  you're sending the payment!


   Upcoming Dates
   at a Glance:


  * For a full list of all key dates, 
     including revised start/
     dismissal times, non-student
     days/ holidays, please go to 
     Ralph Moody Website under
     upcoming events.

  RAMP UP             WELLNESS
  Here at Ralph Moody 
  we are excited to offer a     wellness program 
  for the kids to promote       healthy living!  Check
  back soon for more