Knight's CODE

Newton is a PBIS school!              Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Principles of PBIS- 
  • Social and behavioral competence and character are learned in the home, school, and community.
  • Prevention is more effective than reaction.
  • Teaching positive behavior is more effective than assuming students already have these skills.
  • Teaching positive behavior is more effective than punishing negative behavior.
  • Instructional & behavioral decisions are based on data.

Systemic change produces long-term sustainability.

Over 7500 schools across the world and over 500 in Colorado are implementing School-wide PBIS, including 15 in LPS so far!

What are the benefits of PBIS?

  • Participating schools report a 40- 60% reduction in office discipline referrals.
  • Resulting in a 40 – 60% increase in time that teachers are able to spend on other tasks besides discipline.
  • Resulting in a 40 – 60% increase in time that students are engaged in learning.

Nominate a Student for The CODE Award

The Newton CODE awards provide us an opportunity to recognize students in all three grades that best represent our CODE work this year. These students epitomize the characteristics of Caring, Open-Minded, Disciplined and Engaged.

Any student, parent, staff member, teacher or community member can nominate a Newton student for a CODE Award. 

The winners are chosen through a detailed
process with both of our parent groups: Accountability and PTO. Parents of a nominated child will be notified of their child's nomination and families will be invited to attend our end of the year awards ceremony.

We encourage you to consider nominating students in any, or all, of the CODE categories. Many wonderful things happen at Newton each day and this is our way of recognizing and encouraging excellence in academics and personal character. We hope you share our excitement in honoring these exceptional
young people.

Newton's PBIS theme is The Knights CODE

C - Caring
O - Open-minded
D - Disciplined
E - Engaged

Click on the video to watch students following the CODE!