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Hello, students!  Thanks for visiting my website.  I'm thinking that you might be wondering about the following three things: 

(1) My off hours
(2) My qualifications for teaching you
(3) A little bit about me as a human

If you are, please read on...

If you're a "cut to the chase" kind of kid and you'd like instead to get right to the specific syllabus, calendar, etc. for your particular class, please click on one of the links below:

My Off Hours
I'm teaching part time this year.  This means that my only official off hour is 2nd hour, Monday through Friday.

However, many days I will also be here for at least the first part of 4th hour, and I am usually here by 6:45 am if you need help first thing in the morning.

If you need to reach me outside school hours, please e-mail me at

My Qualifications
  • University of Pennsylvania: Bachelor's Degree (with English and Spanish major)
  • Columbia University: Master's Degree in English Education
  • Middlebury College: Second Master's Degree in English Literature
  • Oxford University: Two intensive six-week studies in ghost stories and Shakespeare
I have been teaching high school English for fourteen years now, and I also sponsor National Honor Society.

Ms. Leclaire the Human
I'm a big fan of the following (in no particular order):

The Ohio State Buckeyes

Running (my next half marathon is this Labor Day)

Bad T.V.

Venti iced coffees with nonfat milk and two splendas

My husband, my three-year-old, and my eleven-month-old

My husband is a fellow English teacher over at Cherokee Trail.  All students who know both of us agree that I am nicer. My baby, Henry, is a sweet little guy; I hope you get to meet him.  My toddler, Sam, is a heroic little guy; you probably won't get to meet him because he's kind of medically fragile and you're germy.  He has a very serious, complex heart defect, and if you'd like to know more about his journey, please click HERE for our family blog and feel free to join us!

See you in class!
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