Welcome to Mt. Columbia!

Mt. Columbia Daily Schedule:

 7:54-8:00 Morning Check-In
 8:00-9:30 Math
 9:30-10:15 Language Arts
 10:18-10:48 Lunch
 10:52-11:35 Elective 1
 11:39-12:22 Elective 2
 12:25-12:40 Snack/Silent Reading
 12:45-1:45Language Arts
 1:45-2:35 Social Studies/Science
 2:35-2:43 Closing

Classroom Resources
Summer Reading Requirements: 
Students will be required to read two books of their choice over the summer. They must then complete a form for each book. This will count as their first grade in Language Arts for 7th grade. 

Book Exchange
On May 23rd, Euclid 6th grade will host a book exchange. Students must bring in two books (gently used) to participate. All students will go home with two books to add to their home collection. This is also an excellent opportunity to find books for the summer reading requirement :)

Parents and Students: 
CMAS (PARCC) testing is next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (4/12,13,14). Please make sure to get a good nights sleep and eat breakfast in the morning. Language Arts (reading and writing) will be in the morning, and math will be in the afternoon all three days.  
Parents and Students: We are completely out of pencils from the beginning of the year. If you would like a pencil during class, make sure to bring your own or please donate some pencils to our class. 
Thank you! 

*You can access our Daily Agenda on the tab on the left. This will include a brief class description of what we did in class that day, our homework, and any due dates worth noting. Students can access this agenda when they are absent to see what they missed. We encourage students to look at the agenda daily in case they forget to write down homework or forget a worksheet. 

*We encourage parents to sign student agendas each night. This helps with making sure homework is completed at night.  

*Please make sure to charge (AND BRING) your chromebook with you every day.