Welcome to Hopkins 3rd Grade!

Hopkins 3rd Grade Teachers
Mrs. Maggie Bittler and Mrs. Libby Wachter (Walk-ter)

Welcome to 3rd grade at Hopkins Elementary School!  We hope you enjoy your 
year in 3rd grade as much as we will.

Our current and upcoming work:


We are currently working on writing literary essays.  Our teaching focus will be on making a claim, writing a thesis, supporting our claims with text evidence and explaining the connections between the evidence and our claim.  We will continue to work on paragraphing, topic sentences, and elaborating on details.  


Unit 4 will begin our work on fractions and continue work with measurement.

Unit 5 will find us back working on multiplication, its connection to division, and work with area.  

  • Reading non-fiction and fiction texts to determine the the main idea and details.  
  • Exploring next steps in Habits of Discussion, such as "giving peer praise", "hint, don't tell", and "no hands" (engaging in conversations without raised hands).