Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies!

What is Social Science? In the social sciences, researchers use scientific inquiry methods to study societiesSocial scientists often work closely with natural scientists (biology, ecology, etc.) in order to understand how societies interact with the earth's environment. 
  • Topics: 
    In 7th grade we explore the Eastern Hemisphere and study history, geography, civics, economics, and personal finance. 
  • Adventures: In this class we study regional units called "Adventures". Students get the chance to study authentic issues and try to solve real problems just like professional social scientists.
  • Class Culture: In social studies we often come across topics about which students have passionate opinions. I encourage all my students to engage in thoughtful and respectful intellectual discussions as part of a safe, welcoming, and encouraging class environment. Tolerance and respect are very important in my class.



SW Asia and Northern Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa

East Asia

South and Southeast Asia



Oceania and the Pacific


Hi! I'm Mrs Neufeld~

This is my third year teaching at Euclid Middle School and my 10th year of teaching. I love teaching!!! I have taught both social studies and language arts in 6th through 10th grade. I have also run student leadership and drama programs, have coached dance and track, have been a club sponsor for Spelling Club, Geography Bee, Peace Jam, and Sea Camp, and Brain Bowl. 

I have lived in Colorado for 14 years but I am originally from sunny San Diego, CA. My son, Eliot, is 2 years old and our family is having so much fun this year watching Eliot learn to do new things. I also enjoy reading, outdoor activities, running, biking, and swimming, dance, yoga, art, music, cooking, and traveling! Looking forward to a great year on 7 Below.

     Where I'm from: at the beach in Southern California






Human Geographer

Political Scientist 

Physical Geographer