Welcome to Mrs. Maxey's Website!
This website is for students to access websites, view other student's work, and used to collaborate with other classrooms.

This website also contains  information for parents about Littleton's Gifted and Talented program.

What you might see in my classroom:

Students working math problems...using good strategies to solve a problem-solving problem.

Students working above grade level in math.

Students reading and writing about their reading.

Students using Thinking Maps to organize their thinking.

Students asking questions!

Students working with me on an independent study.

Students discussing the books they are reading using higher level thinking questions.

Students using their resources and tools to help them find the right answers.

Students working on projects using their creative thinking.

Students using their inference skills and making connections.

Students giving their best effort...at times even 110 % effort.

Students working in groups and helping/encouraging each other.