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A website dedicated to inspiring health and wellness in the Littleton Public School District.

Wellness is an active process of understanding choices and making decisions toward a more balanced and healthy life.

For LPS's Wellness Policy, click here.

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Monthly Wellness Information

LPS 2017 Poetry Slam
Congrats to all the amazing poets!

Top 6
1st Place: Kate Scalet -- HHS
2nd Place: David Funk -- OHS
3rd Place: Ethan McShane -- AHS
4th Place: Caroline Riley -- AHS
5th Place: Darien Rhoads -- AHS
6th Place: Julia Margason and Kaitlynn Pfannschmidt -- AHS

Employee Assistance Program - Aetna
Need additional help? With Aetna Resources For Living, you can get the help you need, when you need it. From time to time, the problems and issues of everyday life can seem overwhelming. With Aetna Resources For Living, you get help with difficult issues such as:
  • Social development
  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Work-life balance
  • Relationships and marriage
  • Substance abuse
  • Weight loss and more
This is a confidential benefit provided for you by the District that is cost-free up to 3 visits. If you have an issue you'd like to discuss, call Aetna Resources For Living today at 1-866-252-4468.

Additional information on the EAP programs is available on the employee intranet, InsideLPS.

How to Overcome Habits - read the full blog here.


NUTRITION, exercise, unwind, restorative sleep, and optimize mental and social activity. Read the article here.

Yoga for Teachers (and anyone else)

If you are only going to make one change for your health, make it about sleep.

The Sleep Cure: The Fountain of Youth May Be Closer Than You Ever Thought
Read the full article here

Light Bulbs That Help You Sleep

Get up and take 5

We all know that sitting for 8 hours a day is not healthy. 
There is a new study, although small, that has some great advice.

Lesson on Aging Well, from a 105-year-old Cyclist
This inspiring article will get you thinking, up and moving!


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Action for Happiness
Their goal is to increase wellbeing for everyone in their homes, workplaces, schools and local communities. "Our vision is a happier world"

What happens to your brain when you go on a diet?
Hmmm, very interesting article.

Watch the video to learn all about the benefits of learning to play an instrument. 

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AVOCADOS - High in potassium and low in salt, avocados may help reduce blood pressure and the risk of stroke. Ounce for ounce, an avocado contains 30% more potassium than a banana, a dietary staple for people with high blood pressure.

The world of sweeteners has some new players
 on the field; take a look

Wellness in the Schools

Why Kids Shouldn’t Sit Still in Class
Read this great article and get your students up and moving to increase academic success.

Why Cafeteria Food is the Best
This is a great article discussing School Lunch versus Bag Lunches.
Read the Full Article here.

How to cultivate a growth mindset in your kids by Dr. Kristen Race

We’ve all probably heard of the growth mindset by now. Leading Stanford researcher, Carol Dweck, coined the term several years ago while studying how different kids react to challenges. What came out of the study was the finding that how we praise our kids had a significant impact on their mindset and, subsequently, their academic success.

click here for the full story.

Nutrition Education
Have a few extra minutes? Go online and play the USDA Blast Off Game to build healthy meals and don't forget your exercise to blast off!.

Manage Mental Health During Exams

keep communication open during exams to lessen its negative effects.

Click here to read the full article 

Turns Out Monkey Bars And Kickball 
Might Be Good For The Brain
Click here to go to the full article

Do you want to add movement into the classroom? Go Noodle!
GoNoodle! A free interactive physical activity website! 
Look for their new Indoor Recess Activities!

GoNoodle classroom activities.

Click here for more information about the benefits of activity breaks. 

Employee Wellness

Smoking Cessation Resources
If you are looking for support to quit smoking you can start here at Quit.com. Also, contact your insurance carrier for more information and how they can support you.

6 Mindful Books for Building Resilience
Here is a great list.

Know Your Numbers  
Knowing your numbers—like your blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, hormones, sugar, and BMI (body mass index)—helps you set goals (and celebrate reaching them). Check with your doctor on any preventive screenings you need, 
then work together to put a plan in place.
For CIGNA click Here
For Kaiser click Here

Learn How to Control Your Blood Sugar

Learn about managing/preventing diabetes, 

low blood sugar and healthy eating!

Kaiser Link


Information on preventing diabetes here

LPS has a shared Cookbook on Google Drive. Click here to access and share your favorite recipes or search for some new ones!!

The Environmental Working Group is a great wellness resource, check it out here.

Wellness Committee and Workshops

Our Littleton Public Schools Wellness Committee meets once a month to discuss upcoming District Wellness events, to keep the Wellness Toolkit updated, and to advise the Board of Education on recommended policies, practices, and programs that support and improve the overall health of the school community.

To access the web page dedicated to the Wellness Committee, click here.

Committee meetings are open to the public and can be found on our Wellness Calendar.

Look for 2015-2016 Wellness Workshops here in the future.