Next year, this could be YOU!

Third Place winners at Lockheed Martin's "Code Quest" Competition.. Ta-Daa!


 The LHS "STEM Certificate Program"

Have you always had a knack for dreaming up inventions of your own, for tinkering, for fixing things?  Are you sparked by how things work, how you could make them work better, longer, faster?  Do you wonder about the natural world, how mathematical ideas fit into everything, how you could convince a computer to model the how and why of human brain activity?

If this sounds like you, you may be interested in the new STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) Certificate Program at Littleton High School!

Littleton High School is pleased to offer students who complete an approved set of coursework and extra-curricular high school experiences in STEM areas the opportunity to receive STEM Certification upon graduation. To be awarded certification, students will need to complete coursework beyond minimum graduation requirements and meet certain GPA requirements.

Intriguing coursework, opportunities to be creative, eye-opening off-campus experiences. Open and available to any student who wants a challenge and is willing to invest in his/her own future, beginning now.  That's the STEM Certificate Program at Littleton.

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       STEM students immersed in "H2O Outdoors" program at the Keystone Science School