Littleton Academy Garden and Greenhouse

Greenhouse construction is in full swing!


Thank you for your support of the greenhouse.

Dec 19th 2014 - we are the recipients of a $7,000 grant, co-funded by the Colorado Garden Foundation and Bellco. Thank you! 

Our Greenhouse Plans are approved, and fundraising is in full swing!  The pumpkin patch raised over $1200 so THANK YOU for your support!

Aug 1st, 2014 - the garden is blooming and is attracting all sorts of insects. Vegetables and herbs are thriving and the colors are magnificent. There are so many learning opportunities waiting for the students when they return 




Our Earth day (Apr 22nd) 'dress of Choice' raised a fantastic $600 for the fund - thank you to everyone for your support!

Support the Littleton Public Schools Foundation!  We are currently in the process of applying for a $5,000 grant from this foundation.  Your support of the LPS foundation directly supports the Littleton Academy Garden and Greenhouse.  Visit LPS Foundation Site for more information, and check out the "Fundraising" tab on this page for updates about all fundraising initiatives!
Spring has sprung! May 2nd 2014



Thank you for visiting Littleton Academy's Garden and Greenhouse webpage!

Check below for a video of the greenhouse we plan to build!

This page will contain information about our fundraising initiatives, yearly goals for the garden and greenhouse, and projected dates for construction and completion of the greenhouse.

The garden and greenhouse committees are headed by Mr. Breitbarth, with Mrs. Turkus as communication liasion for the school community.  Please contact either Mr. Breitbarth ( or Mrs. Turkus ( with any questions related to the garden and/or greenhouse.

Where are we at? We are waiting on the status of three grants we submitted and are waiting on final planning permission for the growing dome model. It is a very exciting time!

Check out the links below for detailed information about our Greenhouse Project!

A calendar with important dates is also available below.