Littleton Academy Student Council

Leadership, Responsibility,Creativity, Enthusiasm, Teamwork...

All school dances begin at 6:30 pm.  Doors do not open until 6:30 pm!

The Littleton Academy Student Council is comprised of 14 students, grades 6-8. The elected positions include 2 officers from each grade (6-8), and eight members at large: four public relations officers, two secretaries, and two treasurers. The 8th grade president is also the student council president. The student council meets weekly. They hold 3 middle school dances per year, run a school store, and participate in community service. We are very proud of our hard-working student council.

 Meet Your Littleton Academy Student Council!
Samantha Shaw-  8th Grade President
    Favorite Animal- Cheetah
    Favorite Color- Blue
    Favorite Hobby- Running
Grant DeClue- 8th Grade Vice President
    Favorite Animal-
    Favorite Color-
    Favorite Hobby-
Chris Kahler- 7th Grade President
    Favorite Animal-Turtle
    Favorite Color-blue
    Favorite Hobby-Texting
Riya Bhat- 7th Grade Vice President
    Favorite Animal-
    Favorite Color-
    Favorite Hobby-
Graham DeClue- 6th Grade President
    Favorite Animal-
    Favorite Color-
    Favorite Hobby-
Maya Bagley- 6th Grade Vice President
    Favorite Animal-owl
    Favorite Color-teal
    Favorite Hobby-reading
Hanna Hartzell- Public Relations Officer
    Favorite Animal-dolphin
    Favorite Color-blue
    Favorite Hobby-reading
Avery DeJager- PRO
    Favorite Animal- PANDA
    Favorite Color- purple
    Favorite Hobby- telling people I like purple pandas
Chloe Hall- PRO
    Favorite Animal-dog
    Favorite Color-turquoise
    Favorite Hobby- art
Roman Marzyk- PRO
    Favorite Animal- grumpy cat
    Favorite Color- dark purple
    Favorite Hobby- skiing 
James Ashton- Treasurer
    Favorite Animal-mackerel
    Favorite Color-green
    Favorite Hobby-free diving
Tvishi Yendamuri- Treasurer
    Favorite Animal-giraffe 
    Favorite Color-blue
    Favorite Hobby- art
Jackie KahlerSecretary 
    Favorite Animal-moose
    Favorite Color-green
    Favorite Hobby-lacroose
Tanysha Raghuraman
    Favorite Animal-snow leopard 
    Favorite Color-blue
    Favorite Hobby- basketball

Upcoming Events:

Sports Dance Dance Friday, 2/10
$10 if you pay early; $12 at the door
Reminder:  Doors do not open until 6:30pm

Sports Dance
February 10, 2017
(8th grade goes to 9:30)
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Audra Turkus,
Nov 1, 2016, 8:05 AM