Welcome to Kindergarten Extended Day!!
Phone: 303-798-5252

KED adds another academic portion to the day to help prepare your child for 1st grade. We will be engaged in crafts, expand on Kindergarten units, introduce new material, and most importantly have loads of FUN!

 We will follow Kindergarten's curriculum with more of a hands on approach. Not only does KED help get your child ready for 1st grade, but also helps them grow socially, emotionally, and academically.  KED improves their fine motor skills and allows the students to interact with other children throughout the day. We will also be eating lunch at the school with the big kids which requires that KED students bring a nutritious lunch and snack or purchase a balanced meal through the school's lunch program.


The KED Program provides a safe and supervised environment of enrichment activities for children.  The program focuses on child-centered care, which complements the school day experiences of Littleton Academy kindergarten students.

As an enrichment program, extended day activities promote the development  of healthy and age appropriate leisure time pursuits.  Through the program, children learn to function comfortably, cooperatively and positively with one another.KED has the same policies and procedures as Kindergarten and the rest of Littleton Academy. 


Policy Statement

    The Littleton Academy KED is licensed by the Colorado State Department of Human Services to accept children from age 5 and in Littleton Academy Kindergarten.  We are currently inspected by the Department of Health and Littleton Fire Department to ensure a safe, clean and healthy setting for your children.  The program accepts children without regard to race, religion, sex, or national origin. 

1.  This program is being made available as a service to the Littleton Academy community.                  

2.  Registration forms are available at the Littleton Academy School office and through the kindergarten registration process.

3.  Applications for registration will be accepted on the maximum number of spaces available.

4.  There is a $50.00, non-refundable, one time registration fee, per child, and must accompany all registration applications.  All required paperwork must be completed prior to your child attending the program.

5.  Checks only, made out to Littleton Academy.

6.  If the number of registrations exceeds the space available, application priority will be given based on lottery priority.

7.  Should the parent or guardian wish to withdraw from the KED program, 30 days notice is required.

8.  Should Littleton Academy KED program be discontinued, 30 day written notice will be provided.

9.  A parent/guardian who wishes to file a complaint about KED child care, may do so with the Principal.

Prices and Schedule

KED is offered 5 days a week! You can enroll your child in AM or PM KED depending when they go to Kindergarten. 

There is a $50 NON-refundable enrollment fee to register your child in KED. 

PLEASE make checks payable to Littleton Academy!  

2017-18 School Year Pricing:


There are 10 monthly payments throughout the year. Payments are due on the 1st of the month, beginning on August 1st. There will not be any prorated months. A $20.00 late fee will be assessed after the 5th of the month beginning August. 

Attendance will be taken daily.  Staff must verify attendance in KED separate from attendance in Kindergarten as these attendance records are required by the Department of Human Services.  Attendance sheets identify all children in KED, and are used by KED staff to record attendance in the program.

Arrival - 8:00-8:15

AM KED- 8:15-12:16

LUNCH/RECESS- 11:19-12:16

PM KED- 11:19-3:24

Dismissal - 3:24-3:40