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 The mission of Littleton Prep is to provide a content-rich, academically rigorous education with a well-defined, sequential curriculum in a safe, orderly and caring environment. Our purpose is to inspire children to develop a passion for learning to prepare them for future success.

What do I do if I am absent?

First, check your Google account calendar. All of the homework from your classes should appear there. Next, check in with your ELO teacher to see if any work was left for you to complete. Finally, feel free to email you teachers or classmates if you have questions or need help.  Remember, you have an extra day to get caught up after an excused absence but it is your responsiblity to find out what you missed and get it turned in. After the extra day, work may be counted as late. 

How do I attend Saturday School as a volunteer?

If you would like extra help in any class you are welcome to attend Saturday school as a volunteer. All you need to do is let a teacher know by Friday that you would like to be added to the list. Volunteers must show up at 8:00am but are welcome to leave when they have completed the work or received the help they were seeking. Volunteers also may wear appropriate dress down attire. Saturday School is a quiet work time, socializing is not appropriate for assigned students or voluntary students.

When is the next incentive dress down day?

If you have not received a reflection form for any given month you are welcome to dress down on the last Friday of that Month. If you did receive a form your will be notified not to dress down.Check the calendar for dress down days. 

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Hello, there fellow Junior High Students!

This section is full of games, polls, daily pictures and more that are created by the amazing Publishing Team we try our hardest to make this website fun!  

Jokes/Bad Puns: 
1.) Im very good friends with the 25 letters of the alphabet. I dont know why!
2.) Did you know taller people sleep longer in bed!
3.)  Insect puns bug me
4.) Did you hear about the guy whose left side was cut off? Hes all right now! 
5.) Where do polar bears vote? The North Poll!
Weekly Animal Pictures:
Pineapple Owl (Photo Shopped) 
Spider Squirrel (Photo Shopped)

Amazing Junior High Student!:             
Poll Results (2 questions now):
Would you rather be a pumpkin on Halloween or a Turkey on Thanksgiving? 
Pumpkin: 20
Turkey: 5

What Songs Do You Want Mrs. Banegas to play? (Real Songs Please):
21 Chump Street Soundtrack, Hamilton Soundtrack: 8
Kasmir: 1 
Paranoid: 1
Shape of you: 1 
Warrior by AURORA: 1
All Hamilton: 1
People who want me to play old country music because they didnt say a song: 4