Inspired Learning Through an elegant synthesis of humanity and technology, we will inspire a command of information, masterful communication, creative productivity and ethical citizenship in every learner.

Welcome to the Inspired Learning Cohort.  The goal of this cohort is to help you transform your approach to classroom pedagogy by creating a 21st century learning network of cohort and mentor teachers and to introduce you to a variety of instructional and technology tools that you can use to accomplish this change. 

Class Logistics

Assignments: check the Assignments page

Sharing: All assignments will be shared with your cohort group, class facilitators and class mentors.  These three groups will be a place for you to bounce off ideas and see other teachers successes and struggles.

Class Commitment:

  • Attendance at the June 4th and September 7th training sessions
  • Three 1/2 day sessions throughout the 2013-14 school on Saturdays (8:00 - noon) (Sept 28 - Nov 16 - Feb 22))
  • Create and maintain a classroom hub for your students and parents
  • Maintain a blog to post reflections and goal setting
  • Contribute to cohort "Unit Sharing" website
  • Class visits to Mentor Teachers ( with principal approval )
  • Participate in two collaborative experiences with your students
  • Present at the 2014 Inspired Learning Conference (April 26, 2014)
  • CoTeaching with Randy and/or Dana (by arrangement)

Recertification Credit: 2.0 LPS recertification credits  (at conclusion of cohort)