A Little History...
Heritage High School's relationship with Sierra Leone began back in 2007 when students decided to make it the focus of our MAD Week efforts. That year we raised over $14,000 which...
  • bought 102 50-pound bags of rice
  • gave 23 full scholarships to secondary school students
  • funded repairs to the bakery at the amputee camp's bread-making business
  • used $2,000 to pay for medical care for amputees and their families at the local medical clinic
  • gave $1,000 to buy new equipment for the medical clinic
  • provided $5,000 to start a Micro Loan Fund so amputee families could start their own buinesses
  • sent more than 30 boxes of clothing, sports equipment and school supplies to those in Kabala, Sierra Leone
The next year (2008), students voted to continue our work with Sierra Leone and we partnered with Operation Classroom to help build the Heritage School of Kabala. That year we raised over $27,000 to help build our sister school in Kabala, and in 2009 we continued this effort by raising $17,585.84 to install a modern water well to provide clean, safe, accessible drinking water to both the students and families of the village and to build 200 student desks for the new school. Our principal and two teachers then traveled to Kabala in November, 2009 to participate in the official opening of the school.

Since 2007 we have also strengthened our relationship with the people of Kabala by having Heritage students travel to Sierra Leone and actually deliver donations, work with the villagers and students to build the school (by digging trenches for the school's foundation, making bricks, painting walls, etc.) and help in the clinic. We have also blogged with our fellow students and teachers through Live Blogs scheduled during these summer trips.

You can read about the entire history of MAD Week by clicking on this link and by reading about the Sierra Leone Updates below.

Sierra Leone Sister School Update
No Heritage students, staff, or families have participated in school-related travel to the Sierra Leone region in over a year. To the best of our knowledge, our friends in our sister school in Sierra Leone are well.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with them.  Our hearts reach out to all those who have been affected by these recent medical concerns.

Live Blog with Sierra Leone on June 27, 2011
We had seven people (three teachers and four students) from Heritage travel  to Sierra Leone, West Africa this summer to deliver our funds, help to update and paint our school and most importantly, further cement the bond between our two communities.

Once again, we blogged with our Heritage students and teachers as well as the students in our sister school on June 27 at 10 am.  Check out our conversation by clicking on the Live Blog link in the right-hand navigation pane. The conversation was titled Colorado/Africa Connection 2011.

Live Blog with Sierra Leone on July 6, 2010
This last summer, seven more Heritage High School students and two staff members traveled to Sierra Leone, Africa to connect with our sister school, Heritage High School of Kabala. They visited Principal Daisy Sankoh, her teaching staff, as well as students from our sister school in the small village of Kabala in Northeast Sierra Leone.

We held a live blog on Tuesday, July 6, at 12:30 p.m. Littleton time (6:30 p.m. in Sierra Leone) we connected with our friends in Sierra Leone and caught up with our Heritage ambassadors and heard about their adventures. Simply click on the "Live Blog" link on the right to see what was in our live conversation bridging these sister communities separated by an ocean and 6000 miles.

Off to Africa, Summer of 2010

In June, 2010, seven students and two staff members traveled to Sierra Leone to strengthen the bond between Heritage High School here in Littleton and our sister school in Africa, Heritage High School of Kabala. Teachers Shelley Harwell and Nancy Knight, along with students Nicole Delphia,
Maggie Meisinger, Carissa Ortega, Chelsea Walczak, Haley Walczak, Heidi Weingardt and Erin Youngkin met the staff and students of our sister school, and helped us all to learn more about our new friends approximately 6000 miles away in one of the poorest and most remote regions in the world.

We held a live blog on July 6 at 12:30 p.m. to hear from our travelers as they reported their experiences and  we talked directly via a live internet connection with staff and students of Kabala. Simply click on the "Live Blog" link on the right to see the conversation.

The Grand Opening of Our Sister School - 2009!!!

We are excited to join with the community of Kabala, Sierra Leone in announcing the official grand opening of our sister school, Heritage School of Kabala.

The students and community in Littleton are quite honored and proud to be a part of what has become an amazing international connection. Over the past three years, Heritage students here in Littleton have raised almost $60,000 to support the community in Kabala. Two years ago, Heritage students raised funds to provide majority of the financing to build a school in the community. Last year Heritage students here in Littleton raised money to provide furniture for the school and a water well for the school and community. Over the past three years, six Heritage students have traveled to Sierra Leone to help clear the land, build and paint the school, and meet the people of the community.

From November 7-16, 2009, a Heritage High School delegation traveled to Sierra Leone to celebrate the official opening and to strengthen the connection between these two sister schools which reside almost 6000 miles apart across the globe.

Principal Ken Moritz and faculty members Tony Winger and Shelley Harwell traveled along with Operation Classroom representative Les Law. They looked forward to a meeting and to getting to know the principal, Daisy Digby Sankoh, the teachers and the students there, and also learning more about the efforts to provide education in one of the very poorest nations in the world. Our plan is to strengthen our long term international connection that we believe will continue to greatly benefit Heritage students in both communities. One specific goal is provide a much more direct link through internet connections so that the number of students who can communicate directly can be increased from the six who have traveled, to the over 1600 students currently enrolled here in Littleton and the 156 enrolled in Kabala. We presented a laptop computer to the principal of Heritage of Kabala and supplied the school with a year’s subscription to cellular service to facilitate this internet connection. Though direct electricity is not yet available at the school and internet connectivity is in its infancy, we are excited about the growing potential for direct communication that will only increase dramatically in the next few months and years.

Our Visit to Sierra Leone

Current time and date in Kabala: