Welcome to PTO

Welcome from Goddard PTO 

Dear Goddard Families,

We are excited to start a new school year even if it is a school year like none we have ever seen before.  Even though parents aren't helping inside the school like they have in previous years there is still plenty to be done.  

The 29th Annual Goddard Gallop Fund Run is going virtual this year! Students can run 2 miles anytime between September 28 and October 2 near their home. Our goal is to raise $30,000 and 100% of your donation will go to teachers to purchase items for their classroom!  Thank you for continuing to support Goddard Middle School students and staff; now more than ever your donations matter.  


Please make checks payable to Goddard PTO or visit https://www.coloradogives.org/goddardgallop2020 to donate online.  All donations are tax deductible.  

Don’t forget to fill out and turn in your participation form inside the envelope to be entered into daily give-aways.  Students will also be entered into a prize drawing for any donations received.  If you would like to help out by purchasing a gift card for the drawing please sign up here!

 The Stride is on!  This year’s virtual event is October 23rd – 25th, and registration is now open at runthestride.com.


LPS Foundation will be giving out a total of $10,000 in Stride Grants to schools based on participation, school spirit, and random drawing.  In addition, we are offering a bunch of new contests this year: Please check them out here.


Event Details for the 25th Annual Stride

When:  Friday, October 23rd through Sunday, October 25th
What:  Stride YOUR Way - select your distance either a 5K or 10K
How:  Run, walk, bike, swim, hike, dance... whatever moves you!
Why:  Be active with your family, stay connected, and do good for you and LPS schools!
Register: Register by Sunday, October 11th at runthestride.com.


This year’s Stride will be a no-contact 5K/10K event where families can stay connected and move together in whatever way and whenever they choose within a three day window between October 23rd and the 25th.  Run, walk, hike, bike, swim, dance, rollerblade...you get the picture… just get your groove on and move!  

The Stride is a community event that brings together students, parents, teachers, staff and neighborhoods. The focus is on health, wellness, community, and school spirit. Our goal is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle along with building partnerships and support for Littleton Public Schools... oh yeah, and raising needed funds for all LPS schools! 

We have many open positions for the 2020-21 school year and are looking for people to help with the following activities:

8th Grade Continuation
Fall Festival
Library/Book Fair
Technology & Media
8th Grade Carnival

Please contact Goddard VIPS, Olivia Sedbrook, at goddardptovips@gmail.com, about any of these positions or other volunteer opportunities.

We look forward to meeting you virtually and talking about the new year and new developments at Goddard.

Staying healthy together,
Lynne Paris & the PTO Board


28th Annual Goddard Gallup FUNdRUN - A Huge Success!!

Last year's  Goddard Gallop Fund Run was a huge success, raising over $40,000! 100% of your donations go directly back to the school. This year all donations are going toward teacher grants.  Every class room will receive a grant and our teachers and students are very excited to see changes across the school.  See pictures below of some items bought with grants you have funded.

Thank you for your donations - they mean so much!    

Teacher Testimonial:

PTO - First and foremost, thank you for continuing to support our teachers in all aspects.  In my grant request for last year, I asked for 4 chargers for each grade level core teacher (and of course each grade level has different types of chargers).   Just like we as adults have left home without our phones, briefcases, lunches, etc. our students sometimes forget to charge their computers at night.    These students then have to go up to the library to get a loaner computer missing lesson and work time.    Sometimes, there aren't any computers to lend making it even more of a challenge to stay with the class.    What's an easy, equitable solution?    Give each teacher a back up charger students can use during that class.     Problem solved, learning continues without interruption.  Now if only it was that easy when we leave our briefcase or lunch at home! 
"Wisdom begins in wonder" - Socrates

Jean Kavanagh
Instructional Coach
GT Seminar Teacher
GT Coordinator
Seeker of Neural Growth
Goddard Middle School



There is a lot going on in Littleton Public Schools. 
Join the fun!

Get involved

Please take a moment to fill out the Volunteer Interest Form.  

This form lists the many opportunities for getting involved throughout the year at Goddard.  The coordinators will use the completed forms to help them know which volunteers are interested in learning more about how they can help in various capacities throughout the year.  You will be contacted when the different events occur throughout the year that you have indicated your interest.  If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Robinson at goddardptovips@gmail.com.


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