Video Free Response Summary

In addition to submitting your answers to the self-check problems on the Moodle, I'll also ask you to write a short free-response summary of what you learned. Here is a guide for you to follow.

Sentence 1: General summary. “In this video we learned . . .

Sentence 2: More details. “Specifically . . .” (could be more than one sentence)

Sentence 3: Something you understood well. “I really understood . . .” (could be more than one sentence)

Sentence 4: Something you have a question about. “I am still confused about . . .” (could be more than one sentence)

Sentence 5: Summary of current understanding. “At this point in time . . .

In this video we learned about solving one-step equations. Specifically, we learned that in order to solve one-step equations, we need to do the opposite (or inverse) operation. I really understood that if a constant is multiplied by a variable, we need to divide by that constant to solve; and if a constant is added to a variable, we need to subtract it to solve. I am still confused about how to solve equations with a fraction bar in them. At this point in time I feel like I really understand how to solve all one-step equations except those that involve fractions.

Thanks to Ramsey Musallam for the basis for this guide.