Beginning of Class

While there will be exceptions, in general the first part of class each day will be comprised of either Openers or Assessments.

Openers are anywhere from 1 to 10 (but usually closer to 1) problems to get us going each day. As you come into class, login to the Moodle, open up that day's openers, and begin working on them. The expectation is that you will be seated and will have begun the first problem by the time the bell rings. You don't necessarily have to get started before the bell rings (although you can), but should definitely be started by the time the bell finishes ringing.

You should work out the openers in your notebook. You should work individually at first to try to figure them out, then compare with the classmate adjacent to you. If you don't agree, work together to try to figure out how to do the problem. You will then each submit the answer(s) to the opener(s) on the Moodle. You should then be prepared to come up and work out the openers on the Smart Board and explain them to the class (these will get posted to the class blog).

We will have frequent - but short - assessments. Except for the midterm and the final exam which are more summative, each assessment will be over one concept at a time. They are typically only 2 or 3 questions long and should take five to ten minutes depending on the complexity of the problems. After you turn the assessments in, we'll work them out on the Smart Board so that you get immediate feedback on how you did (this will also get posted to the class blog). Each time we take an assessment you should check your grade on the portal that night and, if you did not score a 4.5 or a 5 you should make an appointment to come in and re-assess.