All School Party-RESCHEDULED!

Due to the weather and school cancellation, we must postpone the All School Luau Party. We are rescheduling the PTO sponsored All School Party to Thursday, March 21st, from 3:50 - 5:10. Late buses will be available that afternoon.
Please contact Party Coordinator Scotti Beck, Beck7319@hotmail.com with any questions.

Sign up HERE to volunteer and HERE to bring cupcakes.

PTO 2019/2020 Board Election!
April 18th at our PTO Meeting

On the Slate:

PTO President: Angela Christensen
PTO Vice President: Amy Gamber
PTO Secretary: Erika Lefkowitz
PTO Treasurer: Melanie Langer
PTO Communications: Allison Grissom
PTO VIPS Co-Coordinators: Allie Slocum, OPEN

Please email me to inquire about running for a
PTO Board position!

Angela Christensen

Upcoming Events:
  • All School Party: March 14th, 3:55 pm - 5:10 pm
  • Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast: Thursday, April 18th, 9am-11am, Euclid Double Classroom
  • All School BBQ: May 8th-Details to come
  • 8th Grade Party: May 16th-Details to come
  • Falcon Feather Celebration: May 17th-Details to come
  • Falcon Flash: May 21st-Details to come
  • 8th Grade Continuation: May 23rd-Details to come

2018-2019 Gifts to School Grant Funding

The monies raised from the Magazine Sale, Direct Donations, Box Tops, King Soopers cards, and Euclid Spirit Nights support student, teacher, and Euclid community programs. We cover our PTO budget which funds school parties (grade level parties, all school holiday lunch, all school party, etc.), student academic recognition ceremonies and receptions, student national level competition registration fees, the Falcon Flash, and teacher appreciation, to name a few. We also are able fund a grant program called Gifts to School. Euclid teachers and staff are able to request funding for items that will benefit the school community. This year we were able to fund 20 grants totaling $11,000 to the Euclid School Community! Our PTO Board is pleased to share with you the list of items funded by your fundraising efforts! Thank you for your continued support of our Euclid community. We look forward to seeing our students benefit from these in the coming months.

  • 3D Printer to be utilized in our STEM lab to aid students in being innovative while solving real world problems.
  • 4K Video Drone to benefit students in digital video classes as well as yearbook staff as they capture high quality pictures and video.
  • Bitsboxes give all students the opportunity to create, make, problem solve and code in math, science and as extensions to learning by creating apps.
  • Maker Space Items for students to further engage in their learning while taking ownership of creating and promoting community and teamwork.
  • Hula Hoops and Jump Ropes for gym classes to further students’ physical activity.
  • 9 Square in the Air game for gym classes to combine volleyball and 9 square while promoting physical activity in students.
  • Sources of Strength for student campaigns to promote connections between peers and caring adults.
  • Euclid Falcon Closet, a new program at Euclid, to support students with necessary supplies.
  • External DVD Drives for each 6th Grade CORE team to aid in students’ understanding of abstract concepts within the curriculum.
  • Falcon Feather lanyards for students to wear their earned Falcon Feather tags.
  • PBIS/Be Real Banners to be placed around the school to encourage students in positive behaviors and Euclid gear to reward students demonstrating these positive behaviors.
  • Every Student a Leader financial support to update signage around the school to encourage students.
  • Library Picture Book Collection to guide teachers and students as readers, writers, and speakers.
  • Vinyl Banners to be displayed throughout the school to promote Euclid’s mission statement as a visual reminder of what we believe as a school community.
  • Leadership Mural and Electronic Leadership Boards to update the current Every Student a Leader and Falcon Feather leadership boards to recognize the good works of our students.
  • Financial Support for Staff Morale as we believe that when we take care of teachers and staff, we take care of students. Climate & culture plays a big role in the school community.
  • Video Devices for teacher induction and coaching.
  • Video Camera for the Art Department to create instructional videos that will support students in their creative process.
  • Properties of Matter Learning Centers to support 6th grade students as they learn atomic structure.
  • Mailbox subscription as an online tool for math intervention instructional support.

 Again, we thank you for all your support! Euclid is a great place to be!


Presentation from LPS Superintendent, Brian Ewert
             Mr. Ewert spoke at Euclid's December 2016 PTO meeting about the state of Colorado's Education funding. I invite you to read his presentation!

YouTube Video

This video is from Colorado School Finance Project

*Please note this food notice regarding PTO events:  While we respect and would like to accommodate all dietary restrictions and needs at the PTO events, we are unable to provide for specific needs.  When possible, we will make every effort to identify the refreshments served at an event. We cannot guarantee that there won’t be cross contamination. We welcome those with particular needs to bring their own food when needed to any event, but they must also be responsible for the handling and use of it.  Thank you for your understanding.