School year 2018-2019 data entry volunteers needed

The PTO sends out volunteer interest forms to all Euclid parents during packet pickup at the beginning of school. During the first two weeks of school (last half of August), we need data entry volunteers to enter the data from these forms into our volunteer spreadsheets. This is an easy job that can be done from home - we would love to get your help!


A special thank you to Chick-fil-A for generously donating a portion of the chicken nuggets trays to the 8th Grade Party.  Their contribution was a big help and much appreciated.

Gifts to School Grant Funding Finalized!

 Dear Euclid Community,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a restful and restoring break! I wanted to share with you some exciting news! The monies raised from the Magazine Sale, Direct Donations, Box Tops, King Soopers cards, Euclid Night’s Out support student, teacher, and Euclid community programs. We cover our PTO budget which funds school parties (grade level parties, all school holiday lunch, all school party, etc.), student academic recognition ceremonies and receptions, student national level competition registration fees, the Falcon Flash, teacher appreciation, to name a few. We also fund a grant program called Gifts to School. This year we were excited to be able to distribute $8,000 to the Euclid School Community. The Euclid community is able to request funding for items that will benefit the school community. Our PTO Board is happy to share with you the list of items funded by your fundraising efforts!


  • 21st Century modular furniture nooks to be strategically located in the building to be utilized by all grade levels for student pull out for assessment, enrichment, autonomous and group work, etc. This will be an extension to the new 21stCentury Media Center furniture.
  • Recycling Bins for classrooms, office and common spaces. A student led environmental club will be utilizing these bins!
  • Math differentiation supplements to be utilized for the 6th and 7th grades
  • Purchasing books for a program called Battle of the Books. This extracurricular program will be open to all 6th Euclid students
  • Science Lab equipment to be utilized by all grades. Example: Quick heating state-of-the-art hot plates
  • Falcon Feather Program recognition signage. This will further enhance the awareness of the program and the recognition of the students.
  • A new student motivation/recognition board for the Physical Education Program
  • 6th Grade Social Studies Cultural boxes (Maya, Aztec, Inca Cultures). These will be utilized by all students in the 6thgrade. They will provide greater depth of understanding and interaction with the curriculum for the students.
  • Help with funding for Archeology Adventure kit for 7th grade (another grant will also be used to fund the kit). This kit is a reusable traveling archaeology lab to be used for experiential learning regarding ancient civilizations, world history, and geography.


Again, we thank you for all your support! Euclid is a great place to be! Stay tuned into the PTO newsletter and website for all the activities coming up this spring semester!



Julie Hopson

Euclid PTO President


Presentation from LPS Superintendent, Brian Ewert
             Mr. Ewert spoke at Euclid's December 2016 PTO meeting about the state of Colorado's Education funding. I invite you to read his presentation!

YouTube Video

This video is from Colorado School Finance Project

*Please note this food notice regarding PTO events:  While we respect and would like to accommodate all dietary restrictions and needs at the PTO events, we are unable to provide for specific needs.  When possible, we will make every effort to identify the refreshments served at an event. We cannot guarantee that there won’t be cross contamination. We welcome those with particular needs to bring their own food when needed to any event, but they must also be responsible for the handling and use of it.  Thank you for your understanding.