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Euclid Media Center Renovation Direct Donation Drive 2016!



I am so impressed with and thankful for our school community! Thank you to Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff, Administration, Friends and Family of Euclid! We had a HUGE goal and we rallied together to reach it! We raised $19,000 for our 2017/18 Budget and $12,750 to add to the $30,000 we already had in reserve for the Media Center Renovation!


21st Century Media Center Renovation 

The new media center plans will include multi-use table and lounge configurations, monitors to hook the Chromebooks to for group and individual work. Below are links to a 2D and a 3D pdf draft of the project. The plan is to raise the funds to complete this project quickly. The magazine sale will be held in September with the hope to start and complete the renovation in the fall of 2016!!

WHY Do We Need a 21st Century Media Center?!

The New Space will allow teachers to utilize the Media Center to enhance this generation’s learning style and skills. Teachers can use this space to encourage group collaboration. Students are able to work together to problem solve, be creative, communicate and think critically with on another.

The Consensus of Educators and Experts in the field believe that students need transparency-level skills in these areas*:

· Problem Solving- Students need the ability to solve complex problems in real time.
· Creativity- Students need to be able to think and work creatively in both digital and non-digital environments to develop unique and useful solutions.
· Analytic Thinking- Students need the ability to think analytically, which includes proficiency with comparing, contrasting, evaluating, synthesizing, and applying without instruction or supervision.
· Collaboration-  Students must possess the ability to collaborate seamlessly in both physical and virtual spaces, with real and virtual partners globally.
· Communication- Students must be able to communicate not just with text or speech, but in multiple multimedia formats. They must be able to communicate visually through video and imagery as effectively as they do with text and speech.


2D Media Center Draft
3D Media Center Draft  (May take time to load)

Thank you to the small team of volunteers and staff that worked on this project!!! 

PTO Budget, Digital Books, Online Math Curriculum, National Competition Registration Fees, Water Bottle Fillers on 4 Water Fountains, Wobble Chairs, Lunch Recess Play Equipment, New Band/Orchestra/Choir Podiums, Yellow Ribbon Week, Science Lab Equipment, Math Manipulatives, Curriculum Based Books for Classrooms, Software for STEM Lab, PE Equipment, Classroom and Yearbook Cameras, and more.


You may still purchase magazines. There will be no prizes associated with purchases after 9/16/2016
Sale website: www.APMags.com

Presentation from LPS Superintendent, Brian Ewert
             Mr. Ewert spoke at Euclid's December PTO meeting about the state of Colorado's Education funding. I invite you to read his presentation!

YouTube Video

This video is from Colorado School Finance Project



What is the PTO?

The Euclid Middle School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) supports the school and its stated goals and informs parents and the community of activities that support these goals.

All parents, legal guardians, teachers and staff at Euclid are members of the PTO.

PTO meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday in the Euclid Conference Room.  

What does the PTO do?

President The PTO President meets monthly with our principal and also attends a monthly meeting with the other PTO presidents in Littleton Public Schools.  He/She preside over the PTO executive board and the monthly PTO meetings.  They are here to be your ears and your voices in casting vision for Euclid's future.
Vice President                               The Vice President supports the President.  He/She attends the district meetings with the President. He/She leads the monthly PTO meetings when the President is unable to attend.
Secretary The Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records (minutes) of General Membership meetings and Executive Board meetings.  These minutes are kept in a binder in the front office, available to the membership.
Treasurer The Treasurer is responsible for the funds of the PTO, receiving and disbursing all monies of the organization, as well as the budget for each year.  The Treasurer will submit a written report of receipts and disbursements at the monthly PTO meeting.  A copy of the budget is kept in a binder in the front office, accessible to the membership.
VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools) Coordinators The VIPS chairs are responsible for the recruitment of all committee chairs, overseeing all volunteers in the school, and keeping a log of volunteer hours to be reported to the district.  The VIPS chairs also attend a monthly district VIPS meeting.  The VIPS chairs will report monthly at the PTO meeting.
Principal The Principal serves the PTO in their role as school Principal, advising and representing the school staff.  The Principal will report monthly on the state of the school and the district.

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