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  • PTO Meeting - The first PTO Meeting of the year will be held Thursday, August 20th from 9:15-11am. Please reach out to euclidptopresident@gmail.com if you would like to be added to the distribution list for meeting information.

2019-2020 Gifts to School Funding

The monies raised from the Magazine Sale, Direct Donations, Box Tops, King Soopers cards, and Euclid Spirit Nights support student, teacher, and Euclid community programs. We cover our PTO budget which funds school parties (grade level parties, all school holiday lunch, all school party, etc.), student academic recognition ceremonies and receptions, student national level competition registration fees, the Falcon Flash, and teacher appreciation, to name a few. We also are able fund a grant program called Gifts to School. Euclid teachers and staff are able to request funding for items that will benefit the school community. This year we were able to fund 19 grants totaling $11,183 to the Euclid School Community! Our PTO Board is pleased to share with you the list of items we were able to fund by your generous donations and efforts! Thank you for your continued support of our Euclid community. We look forward to seeing our students benefit from these in the coming months.

*A New Water Fountain in the STEM area that will match others in the building and will have a water bottle filler and filter.
*3 Robotics Kits for the Makerspace for students to explore new concepts and practice challenging, exhilarating skills through repeated, hands-on practice.
*Makerspace Items for students to further engage in their learning while taking ownership of creating and promoting community and teamwork. Some items will include Vinyl Storage, Bins, Vinyl, & Playdough.
*Rhino Station Computer and Software in the Makerspace to allow students the ability to print stickers and other projects on the vinyl cutter.
*Novel Engineering Materials as an extension for students to be able to engage in the engineering design process while reinforcing their literacy skills.
*Mailbox Subscription as an online tool for math intervention instructional support.
*S-Cubed Sight-Reading Curriculum for the Music Department to help students learn to sight read music.
*Unplugged and Mindful Moments Program to be used in the 6th Grade Cores to interact with each other in a technology free space. The grant will purchase board games and outdoor games for the classes to engage with each other.
*Wireless Presentation Clicker to aid teachers in using the Smartboard from anywhere in the classroom.
*Headphones for 6th Grade Science curriculum. 
*Activating Learners Curriculum to allow our 7th grade social studies PLC to purchase needed materials for simulations, labs, and project-based learning materials to help students experience more authentic learning opportunities.
*Bosu Balls for the Euclid Fitness Center to aid students during workouts.
*Adaptive Spaces in the gym to help students with physical limitations excel in their PE classes. Additions will include balloons, resistance bands, dumbbells, jump ropes, yoga mats, and other various adaptive equipment.
*Basketball Stand and Hoop Extension in the gym to benefit those students in wheelchairs and those who are unable to shoot higher.
*An Updated Sign in the Gym to replace the old logo and sign as visual marketing for Euclid.
*Super Socks to build school spirit and market Euclid to the community. Socks will be used as PBIS rewards, gifts to incoming students, and prizes for current students.
*Euclid Spirit Wear to promote our school climate and culture. Shirts will be used as PBIS rewards as well as giveaways to incoming and current students. 
*Financial Support for Staff Self Care as we believe that when we take care of teachers and staff, we take care of students. Climate & culture plays a big role in the school community.
*Radios for the Theater Department to be used during musical productions and other theater performances. 

 Again, we thank you for all your support! Euclid is a great place to be!

Euclid Middle School depends on volunteers to help staff many activities and events. There are many ways to help, and we value your participation. Please click on the link below to sign up so you will receive the sign up genius emails when the event(s) you are interested come up. Questions please contact Amy Gamber at euclidptopresident@gmail.com

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The Falcon Closet has an ongoing wish list of items. If you are able to donate any of the items, please bring them to student services. Please keep in mind that, due to allergies, we cannot accept used clothing. Additionally, when it comes to personal hygiene products, we cannot accept tampons or razors.  

Winter Jackets and Coats
Snow Boots

Winter Jackets and Coats
Snow Boots
Athletic Pants/Sweatpants

*Please note this food notice regarding PTO events:  While we respect and would like to accommodate all dietary restrictions and needs at the PTO events, we are unable to provide for specific needs.  When possible, we will make every effort to identify the refreshments served at an event. We cannot guarantee that there won’t be cross contamination. We welcome those with particular needs to bring their own food when needed to any event, but they must also be responsible for the handling and use of it.  Thank you for your understanding.