MAD Week 2018

MAD Week 2018
April 13th-20th

Community Relations is proud to announce that this MAD Week, we will be once again focusing on improving our sister school in Kabala, Sierra Leone! The causes we’ve supported over the past 11 years may have changed, but our mission has remained the same: to empower students to become citizens who can make a positive change in our community. In past years, we have raised $180,000 through our annual MAD Week efforts. This year our goal is to send $12,000 to Sierra Leone for the school lunch program. Make sure to participate in our MAD Week events this year to show your support!


A meal program at our sister school will cost only 25 cents per day for each of the 250 students. As research shows, feeding students lunch will help increase their attendance, their ability to concentrate and sustain. For students who commonly only eat one main meal a day, creating a school meal program is needed and important.

We will also be holding a drive in an effort with Sierra Leone Club in order to collect the following items: Notebooks, Pens, Pencils, Rulers, Composition Notebooks, Bound Graph Paper, Coloring Utensils, and New Thumb Drives. Please only donate new or unused items from our list, and please no glue or technology!

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