Study Center

Mrs. Brock

Study Center Manager

Email: cbrock@lps.k12.co.us

Ms. Mishoe

Art and Study Center Teacher

Email: jmishoe@lps.k12.co.us


Student Comments

Study Center students spend their time…

        •     completing homework.

        •     checking grades weekly.

        •     setting and making progress toward an academic goal.

        •     receiving help from teachers in the Study Center and their 


        •     using the Study Center laptops.


When their homework is done, Study Center students…

        •     read.

        •     watch videos related to what they are learning.

        •     talk with teachers.

        •     check grades, again.

        •     look at and plan for upcoming assignments.

        •     study for tests.

        •     organize their school materials.

        •     study for the ACT and SAT.

        •     explore colleges, careers, and volunteer opportunities.

        •     help peers with their work.

        •     determine their next semester schedule.

        •     write stories.

        •     create art, including drawing and coloring.

        •     listen to music.