Senior Portrait & Bio Info for the Yearbook

Senior Memory Ads Info

Senior memory ads are due on or before Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017.

Click here for brochure with detailed info and specifications.

Questions? Email us at

Senior Portraits were due by Sept. 22, 2017.

If you did not submit a senior portrait, it's not too late. 
Please contact us immediately at to make arrangements.

- For digital submission, go to and enter school code AHSYBK2018 (use all caps). Or you can click on this link to bypass the log-in screen.

- PLEASE name the digital file to include student name (example: Anderson, Greg.jpg).

- Please do not email photos. They tend to get lost in the email shuffle
you are a professional photographer who has multiple files to upload, contact us at and we’ll make arrangements with you.

Here are more detailed guidelines and specifications.

Here is a link to the optional Senior Biography formMany students choose to complete the Senior Biography so their high school activities are listed by their name in the senior portrait section. Please turn the form in by the extended deadline of Friday, Sept. 29 to the yearbook room, E-1288, or the front desk in the main office.

Questions? Email us at

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