Loaner Laptop Policy



All students at Arapahoe High School are expected to bring a fully charged laptop (either personal or district-issued) to school every day. On occasion, a student might encounter a situation wherein his or her laptop is not available for immediate use during the school day. If this situation occurs, the student may check out a laptop for temporary use from the library. For example, perhaps the battery is not charged or they accidentally left it at home. While this should be a very rare occurrence (perhaps once or twice a year at most), the student may check out a laptop for temporary use from the library for that day only. The following guidelines outline Arapahoe policy regarding loaner laptops:

  1. Loaner laptops are available for one day only and must be checked back into the library by 2:30 pm.

  2. Students who do not turn laptops in on the day they are checked out will be charged $1 per day late to their student account.

  3. If, after five days, a student has still not turned in the loaner laptop, the parent will be contacted and informed that the student has until the next day to turn in the laptop.

  4. If the laptop is still not returned on the day following the phone call, the grade-level administrator will be contacted, and the student will receive a consequence of a morning detention from 6:45-7:15.

  5. Consequences will escalate until the laptop is returned. This may involve suspension.

  6. If the laptop is not returned by the end of the semester, the student’s account will be charged the replacement cost of the laptop.