One Community. One School. One Book. One Read.

People can go for days at a time not talking to anyone outside their immediate family. There are precious few opportunities for people of different ethnic background, economic levels or ages to sit down together and discuss ideas that are important to them. This project provides that opportunity.”

— Nancy Pearl, Director, Washington Center for the Book

Please join our AHS community as we read and discuss various books related to teaching, learning and parenting. Our first community read will be Carol Dweck’s powerful work Mindset on growth and fixed mindset. Dweck’s work focuses on:

  • Why brains and talent alone don’t bring success

  • How sometimes brains and talent can stand in the way of success

  • Why praising brains and talent doesn’t foster self-esteem and accomplishment, but rather jeopardizes them

  • How teaching a simple idea about the brain raises achievement and productivity
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