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Child Nutrition



Bobbie Coleman - Director of Child Nutrition Program • (208) 265-1569 x1120

Tammy Williams - Child Nutrition Secretary • (208) 265-1567 x1121

Click on the names if you would like to reach us by email.

Meet your kitchen managers

 Patty Harkey-Southside        Dawna May-Sagle              Carl Pratt-Washington

  Cheryl Bohmann-SMS     Gayle Lord-Kootenai       Tyler Henderson-Hope



Farm To School
LPOSD Child Nutrition proudly serves local products.

          Open link to read all about the harvest and how it was used in the       school!

2016-17 Free/Reduced Meal Information

                                    How and when can you apply?

     You may apply at any time during the school year. Simply click here to access the 
     Free and Reduced Application
 or contact your child's principal, school office or your              school cafeteria for an application.   
 Click here for parent information and charging procedures for 2016-17 
     from Child Nutrition.

   Have recent events reduced your family's income?

                               Your child's school may be able to help! 

       Parents may apply for free or reduced price school breakfast or lunch                                    program at any time during the school year.

       Once you are qualified for either free or reduced lunches, it also includes the                          breakfast meal.

        Does your child have a food allergy that we should be aware of? 
If so please print and have your child's physician fill out the form below and send it to              your child's school cafeteria.

        Use the calculator below and take the guesswork out of nutrition guidelines with the new
          Alliance Product Calculator for Smart Snack!
          Simply enter the product information, answer a few questions and determine whether your beverage,                    snack, side or entree item meets the new USDA Smart Snacks in School guidelines.



Summer Meal Info and Locations

Summer lunch menu


Clark Fork no charge sack lunch


Clark Fork sack lunch Carbohydrate counts

Breakfast_Lunch_Carbohydrate Counts



                  Sagle's tribute to National school breakfast week

Please feel free to join your child or children any time for lunch.

Art Gallery

       Courtesy of Sandpoint Middle Student

The new yogurt parfait bar at S.H.S

Scroll down the page to see 
2015 ISNA "School Lunch Snapshot" Art Contest Winners
We had a winner from Northside school!!!
Way to go Lacelyn

Bobbie Coleman, our Director of Child Nutrition recently received the Presidents Award of Achievement in recognition of outstanding commitment, dedication, and accomplishments in the area of school nutrition. Congratulations, Bobbie!

Dr. Suess Day 
Washington                                      Northside

               Meal Prices 2015-2016



Student 2nd Meal$2.50Student 2nd Meal$3.65
Our Certified School Nutrition Professionals look
 forward to serving you.

Mission Statement:

To advocate optimal health and to improve nutritional status
 of all students by providing high quality nutritional meals which promote life-long healthful living and enhance learning abilities.

Ensure that all students have access to the child nutrition meal program.

Provide high quality, nutritionally balanced, palatable foods at an affordable price.

Serve food that is safe and wholesome which has been stored and prepared according to proper food handling and sanitation procedures.

Promote a pleasant, enjoyable, and clean eating environment for students. faculty, parents and community members.
Encourage and promote student nutrition education and coordinate food service programs with classroom instruction in order to support the district's educational programs as appropriate to enhance the school experience for students.
Provide leadership for the child nutrition meal programs through advocacy, assistance and administration.
Function under sound principles and good business management
adhering to all local, state and federal regulation guidelines. 

Below are a few photos from Kootenai School

                                  Pineapple and Mandarin Oranges

  Blood Oranges from
the Fresh Fruit and Veggie                     Fresh cherry tomatoes and 
            Grant!!                                                    broccoli


Sandpoint Middle School 
Dole Foods coloring contest

2015 ISNA "School Lunch Snapshot" Art Contest Winners


And the winners are...

With over 700 contest submissions, the following students have been selected for their drawings.  The theme of the drawing was 'School Lunch Snapshot'.  Drawings were selected for their artistic ability to draw themselves eating a delicious and healthy school meal.  Participants were encouraged to show off foods they were eating, their friends, and the cafeteria staff.


Congratulations to the following!  Checks are on their way!


Cate Knothe - $20 (first place 9-12) - North Jr. High, Boise

Desmond Ouckama - $15 (2nd place 9-12) Nampa Sr. High, Nampa


Linda Jankowski - $20 (first place 6-8) Jefferson, Boise

Brooke Benjamin - $15 (2nd place 6-8) Adams, Boise


Brooklyn DeBoer - $20 (first place K-5) West Ridge, Post Falls

Yu-Ting Sun - $15 (2nd place K-5) Riverside, Boise

Lacelyn Benda - $10 (3rd place K-5) Northside, Sandpoint

Kootenai School
Fuel up to go


              Sagle School                    
                                                           Sandpoint High School

                                kOOTENAI SCHOOL   
                     Kootenai School        Gayle (One eyed pirate)

Sandpoint Middle School      Washington School
 We want to thank Ms. Navarre and her art
 for decorating our pumpkins.

 Northside School                  Northside Kitchen Staff

Hope School              Marsinah (Alfafa)                
Farmin School  


'USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer'