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Term 1

Physical Education
Term One
Basic Skills test
These tests are designed to test your basic skills across a range of basic activities.
  • Balance test
  • Agility test
  • Core strength Test
  • Eye hand Coordination test
  • Cardio vasacular test
Athletics - NZ Athletics 5 Star Award Scheme. This is the students second opportunity to improve their ability in athletics and to develop their skills and final grade from Year 9.

Students take part in and assess their ability in a range of activities in track and field. They choose their best run, jump & throw to gain the highest number of points possible.You can check your points by downloading the table below.
Each activity is awarded points depending on the distance/time
The better the result, the higher the points. Adding your best throw, run and jump will award you one of 5 awards.

NZ ATHLETICS                                             TRACK & FIELD
Want to join a local club?

Activities and opportunities this term are:

Atheltics Day - an opportunity to try out your new skills for your house.
House day - a chance to play some sports against your friends in the same house as you, often on a beach!
Want to play a sport at interval or lunch? come along to the gym and sign out the gear you need.


For more information on the physical activities we have on offer, go to our sports web site

Health Education
Term One
Change, Loss and Grief
This work looks at how we cope when things go wrong. How do we cope with our issues, problems, loss and grief in a healthy way. What is loss, grief etc and how can we develop ways to cope with it without hurting ourselves?

Over the term we will investigate these issues, talk about things that have worked for us and learn that its OK to be sad but that tomorrow is another day and that we need to develop ways to deal with it.

Homework - you are to investigate a community service that is available to you to help you when something goes wrong. this could the doctors, health nurse, emergency services, 0800 helplines etc.
Create a poster. leaflet, powerpoint to show your understanding.

See your student workbook to get further details.

To start you off, try here

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