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It is the mission of the Boston Middle School High Ability initiative to identify high ability learners and to provide cognitive and social/emotional opportunities for growth. These opportunities will contribute to academic success throughout their educational pathways and to become positive contributors to their community.  
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    The Boston Middle School High Ability Program recognizes the gifts and talents of students in academic subjects.  Currently, the program works with students in Language Arts, Reading, and advancements in Mathematics.  

    Since students are identified by specific academic subject area, this does not mean that if a student is placed in the High Ability Reading/Language Arts Program that they automatically will be placed in the Science and Mathematics Programs.  The top students in each academic subject area will be considered for the High Ability lessons.

    If you feel as though your child has not been identified correctly, please first contact your child's teacher to discuss your concerns.  If you believe your child should be considered high ability, please click on the "resources" tab above and print out the nomination form .  To see how students are identified, please click on the "Common Questions" tab above.

  Sixth grade students not be placed in the high ability class until several weeks into school.  This is to ensure that we have all of the current data and place the students in the classroom in which they will have the greatest success.

Definition of Giftedness- When a child's ability is significantly above the norm for their age.  The top 97th percentile.

Why the Boston Middle School High Ability Program?
All grade levels utilize the William and Mary curriculum, but each grade level participates in various projects and trips.

  • High Ability Curriculum
    • William and Mary
    • Mensa for Kids (optional)
    • Indiana Department of Education High Ability (optional)
    • Teacher-made units approve by high ability specialists
  • Counselor Workshops on Life Skills
    • Working to Your Potential
    • How to Be a Positive Leader
    • How to Get Along and Work with Peers
  • Interactive/Student Lead Court Trials
  • STEM Games and Activities
  • TinkerCAD and 3D Printing
  • Community Service Projects 
    • Varies each year depending on the needs of the community
  • Parent/Student Informational Page to Further Education
  • Opportunity to take the Virtual Learning Academy Accuses Test- allows students to work on skill based lessons based on each students individual ability level.
  • Advancements in Mathematic classes
  • Cultural Field Trips
    • La Porte County Museum
    • La Porte County Court House
    • Snite Art Museum of Notre Dame
    • Moreau Center for the Arts

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