About Us:

        We are a Catholic preschool that has been around since 2002. We offer an excellent learning environment for a reasonable price. We offer 4 different classes: 2-day AM: a first time preschool experience, 3-day AM: a first or second time experience, 5-day AM and a 5-day PM: appropriate for children who are Kindergarten bound the following year.  Our programs are centered on activities we feel will stimulate your child both mentally and physically. Our main concern and goal is to help teach you're child in group participation and individual creativity. Also to guide your child to attain greater independence and consideration of self and others.

All programs include: Teaching letters of the alphabet, numbers, simple phonics and math. We have daily story time, bible time, snack time and time each day for your child's self expression through play. Throughout the year we do basic science and cooking projects. We also study the calendar, nature and health and safety measures. We have outside activities, celebrate birthdays, and holidays.  Classes are limited so sign up today.