Lowville Academy's School-to-Work Program Consists of:

Job Shadowing- for grades 9-12.  Students can go "on-the-job" for a period of time with a business person to learn about the career.  The student will then share their day and the information they learned back at school with other students by either doing a presentation to a class or club; or by writing a newsletter article.

Middle School Portfolios- students start a portfolio in 7th grade and it continues on into high school.  

Senior Portfolios- click the link on the left to download the pamphlet that explains about senior portfolios. 

College Mentoring- our current students can get "paired up" with a former student who is now in college.  They can learn more about the college experience. If you are interested in becoming a college mentor, click My Forms (see left side), then click on College Mentor.

Annual Career Day- every year students grades 6-12 host a guest speaker for Career Day.  A variety of local business and industry people come in to share their backgrounds and what they do in their careers.  Some speakers bring props, videos, and uniforms  that represent their career area.  The Portfolio Committee hosts a luncheon for the guests in the high school library.  A great time is had by all.

Also on career day are Mock Interviews for Seniors.  Seniors are placed with an interviewer who will ask a set of basic questions, tell the students a little about what they would look for in a worker, and then gives pointers on what they could do better.  The students ahead of time write a resume and fill out a standard job application. The seniors are to use their portfolios during the interview.