Second Grade
General Information for my class

 Dear Parent,

     Welcome to my Home and Information page!  As the year progresses I will add information to this site as needed.  I will also send home notes which I generally title "Second Grade Notes".  Often a calendar for the month is attached.  Calendars for the month are created after I receive the office calendar.  My notes and calendars will have most of the information details you will be looking for.  The following is general information for all parent and students.

Classroom Location: Elementary Wing, room # 2120 -2nd floor

Weekly Folder:  Please be sure to return the SIGNED weekly folder on Mondays or Tuesdays.  The folder needs to be here by Friday in the classroom in order to send home the week's completed work.

Spelling Tests:  On Fridays your child will bring home a new spelling list to study for the following Friday.   You should help your child locate a place at home to leave their spelling list where it can be referred to throughout the week.  I will gladly send home another list -if your child asks for it.  Children can also take another list at the Spelling Center.  The lists for the year are shown below.  There are approximately 6 weeks during the year when there will be no spelling test.

Math Modules:  We are using NYS Modules.  There are 8 modules.  Each Module has a mid module and end test module.  

Math Facts: It's important that your child know their addition and subtraction facts to 10 QUICKLY!  Beyond this  each child should have a set of flashcards to practice at home for both addition and subtraction (facts to 18) to study frequently at home.  I will give the students a timed sprint with facts taught up to that point.  There are many sprints.  We spend a lot of time on all types of facts.  It would be helpful for you to look over the progression of sprints.  

Story Writing:  In general we complete 2-3 short writing pieces and or at least one finished writing piece per week.  There are some weeks that I will keep the story or workbook page here at school. I collect samples of your child's work throughout the year.  In general, you will see a bit longer story from your child each week.  This may vary from week to week.

Reading/Language Arts:  We read from the Reading Street Common Core Series.    I will continue adjusting/developing lessons as the year progresses.  Each week we have a story to read and complete skills that accompany the story.  Some stories are more difficult than others.  A great way to stay connected with your child would be to ask (on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays):  "What story are you reading this week? What is the story about?"  Retelling the story is a great skill for your child to practice at home!  You don't need to know the story; instead, listen to your child's skills at retelling a story. All of the stories are interesting and lots of fun!  Guided Reading books will be sent home.  I use both small books (more like an article) and books from our old series as I feel they still have value and are a good supplement to develop reading skills.  From time to time a written homework will be sent home as well.  Each week the children will take a test pertaining to the story and skills taught this week.

Homework:  I believe that Spelling should be practiced for a few minutes each night.  Also, guided reading books should be read when assigned and returned the next day -unless otherwise noted.  The math series has homework on a nightly basis, but if appropriate, I try to get some or all of it done before the day is over.  I do adjust some of the assignments.  Please check with your child on a daily basis to see if there is ANY homework.  Sometimes a child may not have finished their classroom work.  I consider this HOMEWORK FOR THAT CHILD and should be returned the next day.  I do try to avoid homework on weekends; however sometimes it's necessary. Thank you in advance for supervising the homework assignments.     

Each classroom will have HP SLates -the education edition; to use in the classroom. 

Sharing Schedule/Show and Tell:  Each child will have an assigned day of the week M-Th that is their opportunity to share a story or object.  A separate note is available in the first day of school packet.  If you move to the district during the year please ask for this information.

Contacting me:  I do have a school email and telephone in the classroom.  However, the best way to contact me is still an old fashion note.  Please uses NOTES whenever possible.  Missed messages happen less frequently when notes are there for the adults to refer to.  Calls made to me during the day go to my voice mail.  I may not see the call right away.  Email is great but, alas, I don't have much time during the day to answer emails, especially those that require a lengthy answer.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND EMAILS OR VOICE MAIL THAT PERTAIN TO CHILDREN'S APPOINTMENTS DURING THE DAY OR BUS CHANGES AT THE END OF THE DAY.  I MAY NOT SEE THEM UNTIL IT's TOO LATE! Often have meeting or other school related business to tend to at the end of the day.  I can't promise that I'll return your call in the same day.  If you must leave a message it would be appreciated if your message contained the following information:  what you're calling about, and a number where you can be reached.  Please update contact information throughout the year.  REMEMBER:   Substitute teachers don't have access to my email or phone code to check messages.  For best results, a NOTE is the best way to go!

email: mwaddell@lowvilleacademy.org

Snack Time!  If you'd like your child to have a snack it should be something small that can be eaten fairly quickly.  If it requires a spoon or fork please provide these items. Lunch money account questions need to be referred to the school's cafeteria.

Class Size:  At this time we have 17 children scheduled for the class.  I'm not aware of any peanut allergies but please ask me before sending any peanut snacks to school for the class.  

Bus changes and message phone calls need to be made through the elementary office well before 2:30 if possible while dental or doctor appointments need to be referred to the nurse's office.  Again, please do not email bus changes to me as I can't always check my email on a regular time each day.  I may not see a message or bus change in time.  So that I have an awareness of an appointment or bus change children should show me the note first before taking it to the appropriate office. 

Library and Computer Lab as classes is scheduled as needed.

Student's absent/Missed work.   When your child is absent for the day he or she will have work left on their desk to complete when they return.  If you know your child will be absent for several days I can provide work for them to do.  I will need time to gather the work.  Work asked for in the morning will not be available until approximately noon.  Worked asked for for after school will be available at 3:15.  You can also have a sibling pick up the work.  As much as I try I can't always send all of the work missed.  The reasons are that all work may not be back from the copy room in time for the pick-up.  There are other assignments that I can't send because you child needed to be present for the lesson.  If your child misses tests I'll have to keep he or she inside at recess time to finish the assignment.  Your child should return with a note to the office explaining the reason for the absence. Please encourage your child to check in at the office BEFORE going to our classroom in the moring


Lockers:  We're located on the second floor.  Children will have their own lockers.  Occasionally children may have to share a locker with a classmate.  In the locker your child can/should leave an extra jacket or sweatshirt to put on if they're cold.  Lockers are also a great place to keep play shoes and sneakers for PE.  I know we'll have a great year together!


Ms. Waddell


Six Day Schedule:  

This schedule is a continuation of the 6 Day Cycle.  All specials are 40 minutes in length except where noted. *  The schedule rotates/starts over every six days.  

Day 1: Art and *20 min. PE

Day2:  Music

Day 3:  PE

Day4:  Art and *20 min. PE

Day 5:  Music

Day 6:  PE 

Class Schedule
6 day schedule

This schedule is an outline of the 6 Day Cycle.  All specials are 40 minutes in length except where noted. *  The schedule rotates/starts over every six days.  If school is canceled the day # isn't cancelled.  The next day will be the number missed.  You'll need to adjust the copy I send home to reflect the changes in specials.

Another way to look at our schedule is like this:

Our Class Specials

Each day the children have one or more "specials" such as Art, Music or PE.

Here are our Classroom Specials and the days we have them.


Art: Days 1 and 4


Music:  Days 2 and 5


P.E.:  Days 1,3,4,6


Library: the children may exchange books most any morning.  The class will go for guided lessons on a TBA scheduled.


Computer Lab: TBA in the school lab as well as in the classroom at Center Time.



Please note: some of our PE specials are at the end of the day (2:30-2:50)  The end of the day is very busy in a school.  If you are making bus changes please try to call the Elementary Office before 2:20 so that I can be sure your child gets the message.  My students may not be with me to receive the message.  The same is true for a last minute early pick-up of your child.


School Supplies

School Supplies
Tools each child needs

Each student needs to have the following "tools" for the school year.  At the beginning of the year I request these items:

New item! 

*dry erase markers 3-4 'skinny size'  (thin write) 

*pencils (#2 yellows are the best quality and work best in our sharpeners here at school)

*glue or glue stick, a small bottle of white glue is fine.

*scissors -not too big.

*extra eraser(s)

*2 pocket folder to be used as a Take Home Folder

*crayons -a small box is fine.

2 boxes of 'kleenex' to share with the class throughout the year

**Please note**

Items with a * by them should be replaced throughout the year as they become lost or damaged beyond repair.

Thank you for helping your child be prepared for the school year!

My Resources » 

Spelling words

Spelling words
Spelling tests are every Friday....occasionally I may change this to reflect a change in our schedule or the school's calendar.  There is no test during the wrap-up week.

Here are the words for each weeks test.

Unit 1

Story: The Twin Club
rock, job, sack, mess, list, sad, tag, dust, desk, chop, rib, drum, 

Story:  Exploring Space with an Astronaut
page, size, late, race, nose, fine, huge, rice, space, mice, blaze, vote

Story:  Henry and Mugde and the Starry Night
stop, hand, clip, twin, strap, brave, steam, breeze, nest, ask, mask, state

Story:  A Walk in the Desert
dropped, exciting, hugged, smiling, dropping, lifted, hugging, talked, excited, lifting, smiled, talking, 

Story:  The Strongest One
that, when, them, itch, wish, what, shape, chase, patch, math, whale, bunch

Unit 2

Story:  Tara and Tiree

before, born, chore, corn, farm, hard, horse, more, part, porch, score, smart

Story:  Abraham Lincoln

aren't, can't, didn't, hadn't, haven't, he's, I'll isn't, it's, she's, who's

Story:  Scarcity

birth, curb, curl, dirt, her, nurse, person, purse, serve, skirt, turn, tutrle

Story:  The Bremen Town Musicians

babies, baby, lunches, lunch, note, notes, story, stories, switch, switches, tune, tunes

Story:  One Good Turn Deserves Another

away, brain, main, paint, play, raise, say, stay, tail, today, tray, wait


Unit 3

Story:  Pearl and Wagoner: Two Good Friends

read, feet easy, deep, seat, party, wheel, leave, windy, sleep, teeth, team 

Story:  Dear Juno
goat, hold, show, most, bowl, float, toast, ago, open, told, toad, slow
Story:  Anansi Goes Fishing
basketball, someone, weekend, something, birthday, riverbank,  bathtub, backyard, driveway, bedtime,
raindrop, mailbox
Story:  Rosa and Blanca
find, child, sky, bright, wild,  fly, right, flight, spider, cry, blind, myself
Story:  A Weed is a Flower
sooner, soonest, hotter, hottest, busier, busies, happier, happiest, smaller, smallest, fatter, fattest
Unit 4

Story: A Froggy Fable
ankle,  title,  apple,  cable,  purple,  able,  bugle,  bundle,  bubble,  giggle,  sparkle,  tickle
Story: Life Cycle of a Pumpkin
cook,  stood,  full,  wood,  July,  shook,  push,  pull,  brook,  book,  hood,  put
Story:  Soil
around,  out,  gown,  sound,   flower,  howl,  toy,  noise,  royal,  moist,   coil,  cow,  
Story: The Night the Moon Fell
downstairs,  football,  cowboy,  houseboat,  railroad,  rainbow,  boyhood,  oatmeal,  soybean,  roadway,  outplay,  daydream
Story: The First Tortilla
too,  new,  fruit,  blue,  true,  fool,  suit,  spoon,  clue,  juice,  drew,  flew
Unit 5
Story:  Fire Fighter!
cheerful,  visitor,  slowly,  weekly,  teacher,  helper,  hardly,  graceful,  yearly,  fighter,  sailor
Bonus word: neighbor
Story:  Carl the Complainer
unsafe,  preheat,  rerun,  disappear,  unlock,  discolor,  rewind,  unpack,  unplug,  regroup,  preschool,  disagree
Bonus word:  disappoint

Story:  Bad Dog, Dodger!

knock,  sign,  knee,  wrong,  write,  climb,  wrap,  wren,  gnat,  lamb,  comb,  knob,  

Bonus word:  knuckle

Story:  Horace and Morris, But Mostly Delores

phone,  enough,  backtrack,  laugh,  ticket,  duckling,  graph,  tough,  photo,  rough,  cough,  clang

Bonus word:  elephant 

Story:  The Signmaker's Assistant

talk,  because,  August,  caught,  draw,  walk,  chalk,  auto,  taught,  thaw,  fault,  launch

Bonus word:  applaud

Unit 6

Story:  Just Like Josh Gibson

tried, trying, planned, planning, liked, liking, skipped, skipping, heavier, heaviest, lighter, lightest

Story:  Red White and Blue: The Story of the American Flag

Mr., Mrs., St., Jan., Feb., Aug., Dr., Ms., Rd., Oct., Nov., Dec.,

Story:  A Birthday Basket For Tia

mixture, nation, section, future, picture, action caution, station, fixture, motion, nature, feature

Story:  Cowboys

kindness, careless, goodness, useless, fearless, darkness, sadness, sickness, helpless, thankless, fitness, weakness

Story:  Grace For President

midair, misplace, mislead, midway, misprint, midday, midweek, misbehave, midyear, mismatch, misdeed, mistake

My Resources » Websites for practice and fun!

Websites for practice and fun!
Here are some of the websites I used with the children during the year.

AAA Math
Fact practice
A Plus Math
Fun Brain
Fact Monster
Cool Math For Kids

Enchanted Learning
Scholastic News
Spelling City.com