Welcome to Family and Consumer Sciences Education at Lowville Academy! In Middle School the 30 week curriculum (20 weeks in 7th Grade + 10 weeks in 8th Grade) prepares students to explore opportunities and to meet responsibilities of citizenship by preparing them with challenging learning experiences that require practical application of academic skills. As citizens of tomorrow, students need to be able to utilize prior knowledge, work cooperatively and apply critical thinking skills as they progress along their divergent paths.The Home and Career Skills course affords all students multiple opportunities to read, write, and compute in the context of relevant real world situations.

Two FACS electives are offered in High School; Clothing and Textile Design and Culinary Arts. In addition SUNY Jefferson Culinary Nutrition 120 will be offered through the EDGE program to any Junior or Senior H.S. student.

New York State encourages and emphasizes the need for positive youth experiences for all students. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is chartered by NYS and is an essential element of the FACS education program at Lowville.