Classroom Basics

Welcome to Third Grade!

I am looking forward to our new school year. Interactive lessons are so much fun to create and "play" while we learn. This website is designed to help my students access project materials and helpful websites. I also have a side link to some of my Teacher Resources. I plan to add to these as I find and visit helpful sites.

There are all kinds of links to websites and specific areas that we study. I continue to add to the site during the school year as I discover new places that will help us with our exploration in learning.

If you would like to order books from Scholastic Reading Club visit the Scholastic link in the sidebar.

To navigate my website, Click on the subject area and then choose a sub-category that corresponds to what we are learning. Be sure to also read the main subject page, as there are often links to textbooks and other helpful websites found there. If you find a link is broken, please let me know and I will get it working again. Thanks!

Have a great year!