I wanted to share some information with you about 2016-17 year so that you can plan accordingly. Listed below is general information about our classroom code of conduct, schedules, and supplies.

I. Code of Conduct: 

Our Class Code of Conduct                                    

1. Be RESPECTFUL.                                         

2. Be Prepared.                                              

3. Be Responsible.                                            

4. Follow Directions.                                          

5. Give only positive comments.                                  


1. A verbal warning. 

2. Move seat.  

3. Time out in room. Separated from class. 

4. Lunch detention. Practice appropriate behavior. 

   Parent contacted. 

*** Severe inappropriate behavior results in immediate dismissal to the office and further consequences. ***

II. Schedules- On the first day of school your child received his or her schedule.  We reviewed it with him or her. They taped it into their red school binder. This binder along with their planner will be coming home daily. I utilize this as a communication log. Please check this with your child nightly. 

III. Supplies- Listed below are the supplies that your child will need for our classroom.  I will collect the supplies from your children and store them.  This ensures that your child will have the needed materials throughout the year and will not lose them.

1.      Erasable Colored Pencils

2.      1 inch ring binders (1 of each of the following colors: red, black and blue)

3.      Package of play doh

4.      3 boxes of tissues

5.      Package of everyday clean wipes

6.      Glue sticks

7.      Swim suit with towel. (Please make sure your child’s suit fits)

8.      Any one of the following items: plastic silverware, sandwich bags, napkins, paper products or a Walmart gift  card. 

Thank you for your much needed support in your child’s education. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns