Classroom policies

Mrs. Carney’s ChromeBook Classroom Rules

  1. Bring your ChromeBook to class on a daily basis beginning September 20, 2016

  2. Charge your computer at home on a nightly basis.

  3. Use courtesy mode when teacher or classmates are giving instructions/presentations.

  4. Do not record or photograph anyone(including yourself)or anything during class using your Chromebook without the teacher’s permission.

  5. Listening to music is NOT allowed during class without the teacher’s permission.

  6. Wearing headphones during class is not permitted without the teacher’s permission.

These rules may be changed throughout the year as we live and grow with our new computers!

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-All students will receive a weekly progress report by Friday of every week beginning the last Friday of September.  This report will show the grades received for all class work, homework, tests, quizzes, free writes, etc. that have been done that week as well as the student’s current English average.

-Students who are failing will be expected to complete any work missing or redo any tests/project/writing pieces during study 9 or after school with me.

-Parents will be notified via email or phone if a student continues a pattern of failure.  Parents are always encouraged to contact me with any questions or concerns at 315-376-9010.

-Parents are encouraged to register and use the district’s Parent Portal to check on their child’s assignments. This system allows internet access to your child’s grades in every subject.  An application for this can be found on the district’s website.  Parents must submit the application with and provide a picture ID at elementary, middle, or high school offices in order to be officially signed up for this program.  Please contact Mr. Steve Bingle with any further questions at 376-9010.

--Parents and students may access my website or the team seven website to get information about homework, etc. at



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Mrs. Carney’s Redo Policy


-A “redo” is an attempt to raise the original grade received on test/ project/writing piece, etc.


-A student may redo any test/writing piece/project that has received less than 100%.


-A redo will allow students to regain ½ of the points lost.  For example, if a student received an 80% and he/she submits a redo, they can receive 10 points, or 90%, on the redo. 


-The redo grade will be the grade submitted in the grade book under the category marked redo.


Rules and procedures for redos:


1.      Tests/writing pieces/projects ONLY may be submitted for a redo grade.


2.      The original test/writing piece/project must be submitted along with the redo in order to receive credit.


3.      Corrections must be made to all wrong answers on a separate sheet of  

            paper.  Students are to do only the ones they missed!


4.      Students are encouraged to use notes, the book, etc. to get the correct  

          answers.  Correcting the test/piece/project with the right information is         

          the reason for allowing redos. 


5.      Redos may be submitted only ONCE.


6.      A redo may not be submitted on any assignment that hasn’t met the deadline except in the case of student absence.


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Late homework policy

Students will not have points deducted for late work.  Students are however expected to be  they are not behind 2 or more assignments.  Students who begin to fall behind will be asked to meet with me during study 9 or after school during the Connections program to make up the back work.  The Connections program is a tutoring program offered to all middle school students.  It runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 3:30-5:30.  Students who ride a bus may take the late bus or arrange for a ride home.  Contact the Middle School Office for more information at 376-9010.




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                                                                                                     Mrs. Carney’s Discipline Expectations:



           · respectful


Consequences for poor behavior choices:                                           

Students who persistently fail to follow one or more of the above expectations can expect one or more of the following consequences:

1. New seat assignment.

2. Removal from the classroom to the hallway for a few minutes or the remainder of the period.

3.  Afterschool detention to be served with Mrs. Carney on a Friday until 4:30.

4.  Afterschool detention to be served by arrangement of the middle school office.

*Students who exhibit serious and/or repeated poor behavior choices may be asked to leave class and report to the middle school office.  The office may assign consequences based on the incident.